Top 10 Applications of 3D Printing in Art

Published on December 12, 2017 by Jamie D.
3d printing art

3D printing technology is a source of artistic inspiration for millions of artists across the world. Especially with the advent of 3D printing metal, artists can create beautiful, intricate pieces. This is through making art accessible to all, developing new forms, and materialising the invisible, is getting new people interested in art through 3D printing. So here is our Top 10 Applications of 3D Printing in Art. We have already made a Top 12 3D printing in fashion, which you can check out.

10. Banksy printed in 3D

This is the work of the render3dart company, who printed some of Banksy’s famous works in 3D. This is more interesting as the works were only made in 2D, so the models had to be made from this 2D picture. To achieve this, the firm used powder binding 3D printers.

3d printing art

A Banksy artwork in 3D

9. Oliver van Herpt’s vases

Oliver van Herpt, a Dutch artist based in Eindhoven, uses 3D printing to design ceramic vase. These vases all have imperfections, drips, or other deformities. This is a way for him to present works that one would think were shaped by the hand of a man but which come from a machine.3d printing art

8. Millennia statuettes printed in 3D

These statuettes are the work of the Iranian artist Morehshin Allahyari, who wanted to preserve the heritage destroyed by Daesh by printing these ancient works in 3D. She also freely provides the 3D files of the statuettes online so that everyone can print them at home.

3d printing art

Destroyed statuettes reproduced

7. The Verus Art program

This initiative bringing together several organizations to use 2.5D printing to perfectly reproduce the paintings of great painters. Schools, museums, but also painting enthusiasts will have access to reproductions of Monet or Van Gogh paintings, educating and culturing the world.

3d printing art

2.5D reproductions of famous paintings

6. The work of Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques

These two Parisian artists, experts in digital creation, use 3D printing to create many pieces with an artistic dimension. Using nature as a model, they have already participated in several exhibitions around the world. In February 2014, we went to meet the duo: interview to find HERE.

3d printing art

Custom lamps by Linlin and Pierre Yves Jacques

5. Lion sculptures at Parc OL

French start-up Lyon Drawn created four gigantic, 4m tall 3D printed lions weighing over a ton and a half surrounding the OL Park. This required hundreds of hours of printing time.

3d printing art

4 gigantic 3D lions are located around OL park

4. Voices printed in 3D

Gilles Azzaro is a digital artist who creates 3D images of voices, through the sound-waves created from the noise. His goal is to represent voice and represent its volume, as he is fascinated by the invisible.

3d printing art

Gilles Azzaro uses 3D printing to materialize voices

3. The works of Danny van Ryswyk

Danny vsn Ryswyk is one of many young artists using digital tools to model and sculpt his work in 3D. Danny, from the Netherlands, is known for creating creepy sculptures, reminiscent of Tim Burton.

3d printing art

A work of Danny van Ryswyk

2. The next Rembrandt

This remarkable painting is not the work of the famous Flemish artist but a computer. After scanning more than three hundred works by the painter, this machine was able to capture all the specifics and order a 3D printer to produce a painting in the style of Rembrandt. This required an eighteen-month mission gathering historians and computer developers.

3d printing art

The next Rembrandt, created by a 3D printer

1. The 3D prints of the Prado Museum

In 2015, the most famous Spanish museum organized an exhibition for a few days featuring paintings by Greco, Gentileschi and also José de Ribera printed in 3D. This operation aims to allow visually impaired people to feel these works that were previously unaccessible. They were created by start-up Estudios Durero.

3d printing art

Paintings of the greatest masters printed in 3D for the blind

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