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We have an extensive 3D printing directory full of 3D printing service businesses. This list contains a wide range of 3D printing services, additive manufacturing providers, and more across the globe.

3D Printing Service

Among the well-known 3D printing service providers are Shapeways, Sculpteo, and i.materialise. These services have 3D printers using various 3D printing technologies such as Stereolithography, Fused Deposition Modeling, Selective Laser Sintering, Powder Binding, and Electron Beam Melting. Once you have uploaded your 3D file (usually an STL file) you then can choose your material (out of plastics, metals, and even ceramics). You can then choose your desired finish, before being given a quote. In just a few days, you will then receive your 3D printed model. These providers also offer 3D designers the possibility to publish their creations directly on the site. Interested customers can then order the models that will be printed in 3D by the platform. The designer will receive in exchange a commission on the sale.

Specialized providers

Services can range from fixing and installing 3D printers to rapid prototyping services. Rapid prototyping services can create custom parts based on CAD models and deliver them to you. You can see the full listing of 3D printing services below. If you would like to view a list of 3D printing companies in the USA, UK, Canada, click each of the links.

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