3Dnatives: Your Leading Global Media Source for 3D Printing

3Dnatives was founded in 2013 with the goal of bringing the wonders of 3D printing to as many people as possible. Now 10 years after its founding, it is the leading international media outlet for 3D printing and its applications worldwide, with 1.3 million of unique visitors each month. The 3Dnatives website offers daily news publications and in-depth market analyses in five separate languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

3Dnatives partners with the major players in the additive manufacturing industry and offers a variety of services: a price comparator for different 3D printing solutions; B2B and Brand Communication consulting; a business directory with more than 500 companies in the industry; daily job openings by market; physical and virtual events; and much more. All these tools and services are brought together in one place to provide visitors with a unique and comprehensive experience!

In 2023, 3Dnatives was acquired by the American Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE). Building on its presence in 84 countries and with over 60,000 stakeholders, SPE unites plastics professionals worldwide, helping them succeed and strengthen their skills through networking, events, training, and knowledge sharing. The partnership between the two companies has further strengthened 3Dnatives’ international presence, in the U.S. market in particular. All this confirms the commitment and dedication, which have accompanied the company since the beginning, to spreading the knowledge of the countless extraordinary possibilities of additive manufacturing as widely as possible.