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Composer A3

3.1/5 (0 votes)
Composer A3 From 27,000€
Anisoprint is a professional 3D printer manufacturer based in Luxembourg that develops FDM/FFF machines. Its 3D printer…

Composer A4

Composer A4 From 15,000€
Anisoprint is a Russian manufacturer of professional 3D printers that develops FDM/FFF machines. Its 3D printer…

ProMaker P1000 S

4.3/5 (14 votes)
ProMaker P1000 S Price on demand
A subsidiary of Prodways Group, Prodways Tech is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of 3D printers.…


3.2/5 (8 votes)
E2CF From 3,999€
The E2CF, A High-Strength 3D Printer The Raise3D E2CF is an industrial 3D printer designed by…

Pro3 Plus

3.9/5 (0 votes)
Pro3 Plus From 6,249€
The Raise3D Pro3 Plus is a large format printer for professional and industrial use. With twice…


3.2/5 (12 votes)
Pro3 From 4,749€
The Pro3 is a dual extruder printer with a build volume of 300x300x300 mm. It builds…

DMP Flex 350

3D Systems
From 2,000€
3D Systems, the American manufacturer of 3D printing solutions, was founded in 1986 by Chuck Hull.…

Form 3+

1.8/5 (2 votes)
Form 3+ From 2,000€
Considered by many to be one of the main leaders in the additive manufacturing industry, Formlabs…

Sigmax R19

4.0/5 (89 votes)
Sigmax R19 From 5,000€
The Sigmax is an evolution of the famous 3D Sigma printer. It offers a larger print…

Bukobot 8 V2 Duo Kit

2.7/5 (9 votes)
Bukobot 8 V2 Duo Kit From 500€
The Bukobot 8 V2 Duo Kit from Deezmaker is a kit printer that can print with…

Objet260 Dental Selection

3.5/5 (4 votes)
Objet260 Dental Selection Price on demand
The Dental Selection 3D Printer Objet500 uses the triple jetting technology is intended for dentistry and…

Tricolore Mendel

2.9/5 (9 votes)
Tricolore Mendel From 500€
The Mendel 3D Tricolor Printer from RepRapPro is a kit printer that can print up to…

Replicator II

3.4/5 (257 votes)
Replicator II From 500€
The Makerbot Replicator 2 is the fourth-generation printer from Makerbot, it is considered one of the…

BigRep One V3

3.7/5 (83 votes)
BigRep One V3 Price on demand
The BigRep One is an FDM printer that offers one of the largest print volumes. With…

ProJet 260C

3D Systems
3.2/5 (26 votes)
ProJet 260C From 50,000€
ProJet® x60 Professional Printers – the reference for color printing, speed and accessibility THE FASTEST PRINTING…

Da Vinci Color

3.6/5 (49 votes)
Da Vinci Color From 2,000€
The Da Vinci Color is the first XYZprinting 3D printer to combine two printing technologies: Inkjet…

ProJet 460 Couleurs

3D Systems
3.5/5 (21 votes)
ProJet 460 Couleurs From 50,000€
ProJet® 460 Color Printers are the benchmark for color printers. They offer both speed of execution,…

Jet Fusion 340

3.6/5 (21 votes)
Jet Fusion 340 Price on demand
The HP Jet Fusion 340 printer is one of the latest models unveiled by the American…

Sintratec Kit

3.0/5 (20 votes)
Sintratec Kit From 5,000€
The Sintratec Kit 3D printer is based on selective laser sintering (SLS) technology and was developed…

Ultimaker 2+

3.7/5 (452 votes)
Ultimaker 2+ From 2,000€
The second generation from the Ultimaker workshops. The dimensions of the Ultimaker 2 are roughly the…

Pam Series M

Pollen AM
3.6/5 (9 votes)
Pam Series M From 10,000€
Pollen AM are a French company dedicated to tackling the additive manufacturing sector. The company was…

ProJet 3600 Dental

3D Systems
3.5/5 (4 votes)
ProJet 3600 Dental From 50,000€
ProJet MJP 3600 Dental is the MultiJet Printing solution offered by 3D Systems to dental laboratory…
From 2,000€
The CoLiDo Compact printer is the best choice for 3D printer educational and home use. Its…

B9 Creator

3.3/5 (67 votes)
B9 Creator From 500€
B9 Creations’ 3D B9 Creator is a high-precision printer using Digital Light Processing (similar to stereolithography)…

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