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Composer A4

4.8/5 (2 votes)
Composer A4 From 15,000€
Anisoprint is a Russian manufacturer of professional 3D printers that develops FDM/FFF machines. Its 3D printer…


3.4/5 (25 votes)
Pro3 From 4,749€
The Pro3 is a dual extruder printer with a build volume of 300x300x300 mm. It builds…

Composer A3

3.4/5 (9 votes)
Composer A3 From 27,000€
Anisoprint is a professional 3D printer manufacturer based in Luxembourg that develops FDM/FFF machines. Its 3D printer…


3.3/5 (11 votes)
E2CF From 3,999€
The E2CF, A High-Strength 3D Printer The Raise3D E2CF is an industrial 3D printer designed by…

ProMaker P1000 S

4.3/5 (15 votes)
ProMaker P1000 S Price on demand
A subsidiary of Prodways Group, Prodways Tech is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of 3D printers.…

Pro3 Plus

3.5/5 (10 votes)
Pro3 Plus From 6,249€
The Raise3D Pro3 Plus is a large format printer for professional and industrial use. With twice…


F170 From 25,000€
The Stratasys F170 printer is a cost-effective entry-level model with the smallest print volume out of…

Mark Two

4.0/5 (66 votes)
Mark Two Price on demand
Founded in 2013 in Massachusetts, the American company Markforged develops and designs 3D solutions for industrial…


Robo 3D
3.9/5 (8 votes)
R2 From 2,000€
The R2 printer from the American manufacturer Robo 3D is a desktop melt-deposition machine that offers…

NXE 400

4.5/5 (1 votes)
NXE 400 Price on demand
California-based 3D printer manufacturer Nexa3D offers industrial, resin 3D solutions. And according to some, what makes…

QLS 820

3.6/5 (4 votes)
QLS 820 Price on demand
While the manufacturer Nexa3D is perhaps best known for its resin 3D printers – whether office…


3.6/5 (384 votes)
Magis From 499€
The Neva by Dagoma is a simple French 3D printer that includes a unique button that…


German RepRap
3.6/5 (11 votes)
X1000 From 50,000€
The X1000 3D Printer is a large format industrial machine manufactured by the German RepRap. Among…

P4K Series

P4K Series Price on demand
Like Stratasys, Formlabs, and many other additive manufacturing specialists, EnvisionTEC offers 3D printers designed to simplify…


3.5/5 (34 votes)
Lisa From 5,000€
The Lisa SLS 3D printer comes from Polish 3D printer manufacturer Sinterit. The company is known…

Freeform Pico Plus27

2.5/5 (20 votes)
Freeform Pico Plus27 From 5,000€
Printers using Pico technology are solid and reliable at unbeatable prices. They offer high quality printing…

Ender 3 V2

Creality 3D
Ender 3 V2 From 2,000€
An upgrade from the popular Ender 3, the Ender 3 V2 comes from popular Chinese 3D…

ALBA 300

4.5/5 (1 votes)
ALBA 300 Price on demand
Samylabs’ newest model, the ALBA 300 3D printer, is designed to work in both industrial and…

I3 Metal Motion

RepRap France - eMotion Tech
I3 Metal Motion Price on demand
The I3 Metal Work is the latest model developed by eMotion Tech – RepRap France and…
CeraFab Multi 2M30 Price on demand
CerFab Multi 2M30 comes from Lithoz, an Austrian manufacturer of 3D printers and materials with a…

LulzBot AO-101

2.4/5 (5 votes)
LulzBot AO-101 From 500€
The LulzBot AO-101 is no longer distributed by Aleph Objects. The printer came with a Micro…


Airwolf 3D
3.4/5 (4 votes)
EVO From 2,000€
The Airwolf 3D EVO printer makes it easy to print high-quality, functional prototypes. More than 40…

UP Mini

3.3/5 (281 votes)
UP Mini From 500€
The UP! Mini is the mini model from PP3DP. No need to spend weeks tinkering or…

Axiom Dual Direct Drive

Airwolf 3D
3.9/5 (5 votes)
Axiom Dual Direct Drive From 2,000€
The AXIOM Dual Direct Drive incorporates a dual extruder and is capable of printing hard-to-print materials…

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