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Composer A4

5.0/5 (0 votes)
Composer A4 From 15,000€
Anisoprint is a Russian manufacturer of professional 3D printers that develops FDM/FFF machines. Its 3D printer…

Composer A3

3.5/5 (8 votes)
Composer A3 From 27,000€
Anisoprint is a professional 3D printer manufacturer based in Luxembourg that develops FDM/FFF machines. Its 3D printer…

ProMaker P1000 S

4.3/5 (15 votes)
ProMaker P1000 S Price on demand
A subsidiary of Prodways Group, Prodways Tech is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of 3D printers.…


3.2/5 (19 votes)
Pro3 From 4,749€
The Pro3 is a dual extruder printer with a build volume of 300x300x300 mm. It builds…

Pro3 Plus

3.7/5 (7 votes)
Pro3 Plus From 6,249€
The Raise3D Pro3 Plus is a large format printer for professional and industrial use. With twice…


3.2/5 (8 votes)
E2CF From 3,999€
The E2CF, A High-Strength 3D Printer The Raise3D E2CF is an industrial 3D printer designed by…

Modulo 250

3.5/5 (4 votes)
Modulo 250 Price on demand
The company BeAM, which was acquired by French company AddUp, has developed the Modulo series, which…

NextDent 5100

3D Systems
4.3/5 (25 votes)
NextDent 5100 From 25,000€
The professional 3D printer NextDent 5100 offers a printing volume of 125 x 70 x 196…

Ultimaker 2 Extended+

3.8/5 (159 votes)
Ultimaker 2 Extended+ From 2,000€
The Ultimaker 2 Extended + is the new version of the Ultimaker 2 Extended, which was…


3.6/5 (383 votes)
Magis From 499€
The Neva by Dagoma is a simple French 3D printer that includes a unique button that…

RepRapPro Huxley – Kit complet

3.2/5 (24 votes)
RepRapPro Huxley – Kit complet From 500€
The Huxley RepRapPro 3D printer is a kit printer that can print up to 100 micron…


Airwolf 3D
3.4/5 (4 votes)
EVO From 2,000€
The Airwolf 3D EVO printer makes it easy to print high-quality, functional prototypes. More than 40…

Raise3D Pro2 Plus

3.7/5 (112 votes)
Raise3D Pro2 Plus From 5,000€
The Raise3D Pro2 Plus 3D printer is part of the new Raise3D machine line. It is…

ProJet 3600

3D Systems
From 50,000€
The 3D Systems 3600 series offers professionals high production capacity and exceptional manufacturing speeds. This allows…


3.6/5 (257 votes)
A6 LT From 2,000€
MakiBox 3D A6 LT is a Plug & Play printer that can print up to 100…

Creator Pro

FlashForge Technology
3.7/5 (181 votes)
Creator Pro From 500€
The Creator Pro 3D printer is an open-source 3D printer from Chinese manufacturer, FlashForge. Its predecessor,…

Liquid Crystal Pro

4.3/5 (4 votes)
Liquid Crystal Pro From 2,000€
The manufacturer Photocentric is specialized in the development of 3D resin printers. Founded in 2002, the…

Nobel 1.0 A

3.0/5 (41 votes)
Nobel 1.0 A From 2,000€
The Nobel 1.0 A 3D printer is part of the XYZprinting line of SLA 3D printers.…

Mbot Cube

2.9/5 (31 votes)
Mbot Cube From 500€
The Mbot Cube is available in two versions with either 1 or 2 print heads. This…

ProMaker P1000 X

3.9/5 (4 votes)
ProMaker P1000 X From 250,000€
French manufacturer Prodways Tech is an expert in additive manufacturing and has developed several professional machines…


German RepRap
3.6/5 (11 votes)
X1000 From 50,000€
The X1000 3D Printer is a large format industrial machine manufactured by the German RepRap. Among…

Figure 4 Standalone

3D Systems
From 2,000€
The Figure 4 Standalone 3D printer developed by 3D Systems is part of the manufacturer’s fully…

Selective Laser Melting Machine SLM 125

SLM Solutions
3.5/5 (22 votes)
From 2,000€
The Selective Laser Melting Machine SLM 125 offers a build envelope of 125 x 125 x 125…

Tevo Tarantula

3.7/5 (21 votes)
Tevo Tarantula From 499€
The Tevo Tarantula is a desktop printer whose design is inspired by the Pursa i3. The…

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