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Published on June 17, 2024 by Madeleine P.
3D Systems RAPID + TCT

Only one week left until RAPID + TCT 2024, taking place on June 25-27 in Los Angeles, California! What is exceptional about the largest event in North America is its success in bringing all people, from novices in additive manufacturing to expert users, together. Notably, this can be seen in the convergence of end-users of the technologies in many different industries with manufacturers. It is also a unique opportunity for companies to showcase their latest innovations and technologies; one of them is the multinational 3D Systems. To learn more, we spoke with Dr. Jeffry Graves, the president and CEO of 3D Systems, about the importance of attending RAPID + TCT, what attendees can expect from the company this year and more.

3DN: Could you introduce yourself?

3D Systems RAPID + TCT

Dr. Jeffrey Graves

My name is Dr. Jeffrey Graves, I am the president and CEO of 3D Systems. I joined the company in 2020 and prior to that served as a CEO, President and Director of MTS Systems Corporation and as a President, CEO and Director of C&D Technologies, Inc.

3DN: Why is it important for 3D Systems to be at RAPID + TCT?  What are the benefits of attending?

I believe RAPID+TCT brings together the best – particularly in North America – with a great focus not only on 3D printing but also on the industries it impacts. This event convenes everyone in the industry from solution suppliers to end users which enables a great deal of information sharing and the opportunity to explore not only how additive manufacturing is being used today, but also the potential to open new applications in the future. We can talk to a range of customers about their needs as they’re evolving.  This is particularly important as we’re seeing customers in both industrial and healthcare markets moving from prototyping opportunities to full-fledged factories.

Furthermore, we can meet with our key suppliers as they provide important components of the solutions we deliver to our customers. For 3D Systems, RAPID + TCT is an extremely efficient event that provides a venue to get updates on all aspects of the industry and gain perspective on where the industry is going broadly, which is very relevant to our business’ future.

Improved heat transfer efficiency in wafer tables for semiconductor manufacturing equipment

3DN: What is 3D Systems showcasing at RAPID + TCT this year?

RAPID+TCT addresses how additive manufacturing can benefit a breadth of industries. This aligns very well with 3D Systems’ go-to-market strategy, as our solutions are utilized for a variety of advanced applications in both the healthcare and industrial sectors such as medical and dental, aerospace & defense, automotive, and durable goods. Therefore, this event is a great opportunity for our customers and prospects in these markets to come and engage with us in their interest area with our technology.

At this year’s event, we’re planning to announce many advancements in our key technologies both in our 3D printing platforms as well as our materials. And over time we are using RAPID+TCT more and more for these key product introductions. In addition to these launches, we will also take the opportunity at this event to give our customers a future view of the technology as it evolves.

Our customers appreciate this because the evolution of our solution roadmap also impacts their factories of the future. So, as they think about that they can see where the technology is today, as well as where it will be years from now. These conversations not only guide our technology and our product development roadmap but also help our customers understand how they can more rapidly adopt the technology and integrate it into their workflows.

Increased carbon capture efficiency with optimized components, like this condenser, made by 3D Systems

3DN: What do you expect from the show?  What are you the most excited about?

RAPID+TCT is unique in many aspects. First, it gives you the opportunity, as a company, to show off your current, greatest technology, and to share future concepts so you can get early feedback from customers and suppliers on these emerging technologies. This enables us to fine-tune as we move to launching those products in the future. Second, this event is a great forum to see the broad industry trends.

We are at a critical time in this disruptive industry where we are moving very rapidly into high-volume production environments and that brings unique requirements. RAPID+TCT offers a great opportunity to hear how we’re addressing those trends as an industry, and for customers to provide us with early feedback on where we’re heading and how we plan to get there.

3DN: What will attendees get out of the exhibition and what would you tell them to invite them to the show?

Additive manufacturing is entering a phase where it’s transitioning to production applications. There needs to be forums that bring together key customers and suppliers to have that dialog so we can address those future factory needs. I believe RAPID+TCT is a very special event in this regard. I consider it invaluable, which is why I have personally prioritized my participation.

Esker Chair & Ottoman – designed and printed by Model No. on 3D Systems’ EXT 1070 Titan Pellet printer

It’s one of the very few global events that brings together companies that are in various stages of their journey from those just learning about the technology to those who have implemented AM into their production workflows. Not only can these companies learn from one another, but they can also get a view of the technology from many solution providers in the industry.

For 3D Systems, we know our customers are under increasing pressure to bring production closer to home and make it more flexible and cost-effective. We see RAPID+TCT as an opportunity to get ahead of that trend and make sure we’re there for them. It’s a wonderful event to do that planning and ensure we’re aligned on where this industry can – and should – go.

3DN: Any last words for our readers?

You can find 3D Systems at RAPID + TCT 2024 at Booth 2401! Be sure to come by to see what we have been working on.

Demonstrator turboprop/turboshaft engine hot section with 492mm diameter printed in LaserForm Ni718 on the DMP Factory 500 system from 3D Systems

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*All Photo Credits: 3D Systems

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