3D Printing Video

3D printing technology and its broad applications can be difficult to grasp at first glance. Since the first development of Chuck Hull’s 3D printing process in 1984, a lot has happened and the technology has spread exponentially around the world. Already, the technologies are used for everything from medicine to fine dining. To get an overview of the different  3D technologies  and sectors in which they are used. We at 3Dnatives have created some short 3D printing videos to help you out.

For this reason, 3Dnatives has now also created a YouTube channel. Under the following channel have we created one 3D printing video after another. They cover several short sequences to provide you with the help of a better insight into the 3D technology in general. As well as give you a deeper understanding of the different application areas in which the tech is now able to be implemented.

Innovations in 3D printing

Among other things, we have set ourselves the task of summarizing the most important innovations in the various industries for you. The following short videos cover these different areas of application. You will be able to find everything from the automotive industry to 3D printed foods and fashion. Scroll down to take a look at our current selection of 3D printing videos or check out our Youtube channel for even more!

The Growth of 3D printing

People always talk about how 3D printing is an incredibly innovative technology. And that’s true, but that’s many forget all too often that 3D technologies already have more than 30 years of history and development behind them. From the man of the origins of 3D printing to the most innovative applications of our time. And now it is growing more than ever in various sectors. Get a short introduction to the history of 3D printing, how it has grown and where it is expected to go for the future:

3D Bioprinting in Medicine

One of the most promising developments in 3D printing in recent years is in bio-printing. Basically, this is about the printing of living cells, which can then be used for medical applications. Research in this area could bring a true revolution in medicine in the years and decades to come. You might get a short glimpse into the innovation possibilities of the medical sector with this 3D printing video, but things move fast so you should keep on your toes:

3D Printing in the Automotive Sector

Additive manufacturing plays a significant role in the automotive industry at this point. In particular, the 3D printing of plastic and metal is a promising method to be used in the automotive sector. If we just look to some of the major car manufacturers such as Audi , VW and BMW, they are already using additive manufacturing to innovate design or to accelerate production, possibly right up to optimising their mass production. The automotive industry is definitely one of the sectors moving the fastest when it comes to implementing Additive Manufacturing at this point:

3D Printing in Space

3D printing is not only having an impact on our planet, the innovation is also moving into space. Additive Manufacturing offers many exciting possibilities in aerospace additive manufacturing. With everything from the production of rockets to the 3D printing of an entire base on Mars, the technology is moving out past the sky. Here, the technology faces entirely new challenges in terms of weightlessness and materials, but you will be able to follow various projects such as production or simple recycling in space:

3D Printing in the Food Industry

Here, too, is there an ongoing development and search for new possibilities. This does not only happen with regard to new recipes, but also with the technology itself and what it can offer. 3D printing, which brings new creative possibilities with it, is now also used in cuisine to conjure up breathtaking creations. Although the 3D printing of food is still in its infancy, the potential has already been recognized by numerous food lovers. You will now be able to find 3D printing used in everything from fine dining to a reinvented ice-cream, 3D printed meat and more:

3D Printing in Fashion

Many designers are already using 3D printing for particularly unusual models. The reason is simple: there are hardly any limits to just how artistic you can be with 3D printing. Whether it’s shoes, jewellery or a complete outfit, there have already been plenty of 3D printed fashion items going down the catwalk. So when will it become mainstream to wear actual 3D printed clothing?

3D Printing in Music

Even in the music industry, numerous applications of additive manufacturing are now represented. Here we speak of 3D printed mouthpieces, accessories, customised 3D printed instruments and even whole bands or the implementation in orchestras. The stunning designs, possible with additive manufacturing, emphasises the melody or offers the artist more freedom! The technology can even in some cases help disabled musicians find their rhythm again. Not all possibilities are exhausted and we are curious what the music of the future will look like:

Of course these are not our only 3D printing videos! For more information and more 3D printing videos visit our  YouTube channel! Here you can check out general 3D printing videos, interviews and events such as In3dustry and Formnext amongst some. As the industry will keep expanding and evolve so will our selection of videos on Youtube and here on this page.