The Unveiling of Michelin’s 3D printed tire prototype

Published on June 23, 2017 by Alexandrea P.

French tire manufacturer, Michelin, has unveiled a concept 3D printed tire that just may revolutionize the way we drive. The tire, which is airless, has a biomimetic structure and could have the ability to reprint its tread, depending on the weather conditions.

This isn’t the first time Michelin has dabbled in additive metal; having already announced a joint venture with Fives Michelin Additive Solutions a few years ago, which later become AddUp. The goal of this project was to ensure the development and commercialization of industrial production machines and workshops that use metallic additive manufacturing technology. Today, the group is now interested in the manufacturing of a  new tire, the ‘Michelin Visionary Concept’.


Their tire prototype

Michelin has put out all the stops with their tire, making it airless, recyclable, puncture-proof and strong; thanks to the unique shapes that make up the tire. In addition, Michelin is also planning for a fully connected digital system, which will include an app that will be able to identify the state of the tire as well as its tread, the current weather conditions and eventually, the ability to make automatic adjustments.


Their tire concept is recyclable, puncture-proof and strong

“Imagine that you don’t have to worry anymore about keeping your loved ones safe when you travel because road conditions and bad weather don’t matter anymore,” said Michelin. “Your tread instantly adjusts to your driving conditions, whenever necessary, using just the right amount of materials. A tread that can be modified and replenished at will, without wasting any resources, time or money, and which protects the environment for the generations to come.”

For more information, you can read their press release here.

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