What New Products Will Formlabs Present This Year at RAPID + TCT?

Published on May 20, 2024 by Alicia M.
Formlabs RAPID TCT

With the 2024 edition of RAPID + TCT just around the corner, many companies that will be present at the event are already preparing everything they need. Many of them are taking advantage of this opportunity to showcase their technology to attendees and to present all kinds of news, from product launches to new collaborations. One of the most talked about is undoubtedly Formlabs. The U.S. giant, which is dedicated to offering resin and powder additive manufacturing solutions, will unveil its latest developments to attendees at the event, which will take place June 25-27 in Los Angeles, California. We spoke with Brian Nies, from Formlabs, to learn more about the company’s strategy for RAPID + TCT and how important it is for them and for users to attend such an event.

3DN: Could you introduce yourself and Formlabs?

Brian Nies

My name is Brian Nies, I am the Head of Americas Sales at Formlabs where I helps arm organizations with the tools that bring their ideas to life. Before Formlabs, I led sales teams at Datalogic and Keyence.

Formlabs builds the tools that make it possible for anyone to bring their ideas to life, creating the professional 3D printer of choice for engineers, designers, healthcare providers, manufacturers, and decision-makers. Formlabs’ products include SLA and SLS 3D printers, post-processing solutions, and Form Auto manufacturing solution for automatic part removal. The company also develops its own portfolio of industry-leading, high-performance materials and best-in-class 3D printing software.

3DN: Why is it important to be at RAPID + TCT? What are the benefits of attending?

Every year, RAPID + TCT presents an opportunity for Formlabs to showcase our latest products while connecting with the industry’s most important leaders, customers, and innovators. RAPID + TCT is a great time to meet with customers and hear the unique ways they are using Formlabs printers and how we can continue to evolve our product offerings to best suit the needs of all users.

3DN: What is Formlabs showcasing this year?

Formlabs just announced Form 4, our newest flagship resin 3D printer, which will be shown for one of the first times at RAPID + TCT. Form 4 is Formlabs’ fastest printer yet, and attendees will see its print speeds that are up to five times faster with unmatched reliability, print quality, and ease of use.

The Form 4 3D printer from Formlabs

3DN: What do you expect from the show? What are you most looking forward to?

Formlabs is excited to bring Form 4 to RAPID + TCT for the first time, so the additive manufacturing world can experience its fast speeds, unmatched print quality, and intuitive operation.

3DN: Any last words for our readers?

With its fast speeds, reliability, and print quality, Form 4 enables additive manufacturing to finally compete against traditional manufacturing processes, even outperforming injection molding head to head. Form 4 unlocks new levels of productivity for product designers, engineers, manufacturers, healthcare professionals, and innovators to take design risks and accelerate time to market.

Along with Form 4, Formlabs will also show off six new resins, adding to our extensive library of industry leading resins. New General Purpose Resins help the Form 4 ecosystem print faster with improved toughness and color, the Fast Model Resin prints high-speed prototypes and production of orthodontic models, and Precision Model Resin enables highly accurate dental models that always fit.

Formlabs will also show off six new resins at RAPID + TCT

Brian Nees is Head of Americas Sales at Formlabs and he will be a featured panelist on the Executive Perspectives Keynote Series! Don’t forget to get your complimentary Expo Pass for RAPID + TCT for free, HERE.

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*All photo credits: Formlabs

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