Top 5 Videos: Fixing the Faulty Bambu A1 3D Printer

Published on May 19, 2024 by Isaac B.

Welcome to our compilation of this week’s most compelling 3D printing highlights. We kick off this week’s edition with a video from Adam Savage’s Tested explaining how to fix the faulty heatbed cable connection on the Bambu A1 after its mass recall earlier this year. Next up, Stefan from CNC Kitchen attends the Rocky Mountain RAPR Festival in Loveland, Colorado, providing a detailed look at some interesting 3D printing projects. Notably, he stumbles upon prints that had been left outside in the sun for more than 7 years. Moving forward, America Makes speaks on its role as a pivotal public-private connector driving additive manufacturing technology and education. Next, 3D Revolution explains the basics of 3D printer nozzles, outlining their various sizes, designs, and materials. And lastly, Professor Boots showcases the improved design of his 3D Printed RC Excavator. Let’s get started!

Top 1: Fixing the Faulty Bambu A1 3D Printer

First up, Norman from Adam Savage’s Tested addresses the mass recall of the Bambu Lab A1 3D printer earlier this year due to a potential hazard with the heatbed cable connection. After explaining that Bambu Lab proactively halted sales and provided replacements or store credit to affected customers, Norman offers a DIY solution to repair the printer. Guiding viewers through the process of replacing the faulty heatbed with a new, more durable version, he highlights the improvements in the new design, such as a braided cable and a reinforced connection point. The process is remarkably straightforward!

Top 2: Leaving 3D Prints Outside For 7 Years

Next up, Stefan from CNC Kitchen explores a variety of intriguing 3D printing-related projects showcased at the Rocky Mountain RAPR Festival in Loveland, Colorado. Notably, Stefan stumbles upon Stan Baldwin, who shares his experiment of leaving 3D prints made from different materials outside for seven years, revealing interesting insights into material durability. Throughout the video, there are additional discussions on advancements in 3D printing technology, filament properties, and the creative potential of these tools and materials.

Top 3: America Makes: The National Additive Manufacturing Institute

Our next video dives head-first into America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Institute, showcasing its role as a pivotal public-private partnership driving additive manufacturing technology and education. We’re provided with a detailed illustration of how America Makes acts as a connector, uniting diverse stakeholders from industry, academia, government, and nonprofits to collaborate on addressing 3D printing challenges across various industries like medical, aerospace, and automotive. By promoting collaboration and innovation in 3D printing, America Makes seeks to strengthen manufacturing competitiveness and ensure America’s success in the 21st century.

Top 4: 3D Printer Nozzles Explained

Fourth-in-line, 3D Revolution explains the intricacies of 3D printer nozzles, discussing their varying sizes, materials, and designs. The video provides an easy-to-understand approach to nozzles by breaking down the main considerations: the diameter of the nozzle’s hole, which affects filament extrusion volume, and the material it’s made from, impacting strength and resilience. The video concludes by touching on innovative designs like the BondTech nozzle, detailing their advantages and how they divide filament to increase melting speed and print efficiency.

Top 5: 3D Printing an RC Excavator

Wrapping up, Professor Boots introduces version 2.0 of the 3D Printed RC Excavator, presenting new attachments including a push blade, lights for nighttime operations, and a rotating claw grabber. He tests different servo motors for the claw attachment before settling on a high-torque servo for increased gripping power. Throughout the video, Professor Boots shares insights into the design process and demonstrates the functionality of each attachment, and ultimately invites viewers to replicate and improve his design!

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*Cover Photo Credits: Adam Savage’s Tested

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