xTool S1 Diode Laser Enables Efficient Implementation of Creative Ideas

Published on April 2, 2024 by Astrid Z.
xTool S1

If you like to do handicrafts at home or run a small craft business, laser cutters are key to efficiently implementing creative ideas and giving free rein to your creative freedom. There is a wide range of machines on the market for laser cutters with different features in a widely varying price range. It is therefore essential to familiarize yourself with the specifications and applications of a desired laser cutter to select the right device for your needs.

Basically, laser cutters can be divided into three categories: Diode lasers, CO2 lasers and fiber lasers. CO2 lasers often perform better in direct comparison to the other laser types but are less suitable for beginners due to their higher price. Diode lasers suffer from a bad reputation for not matching the quality and precision of CO2 lasers, but the market is changing and companies are coming up with more powerful diode lasers. One example of this is the xTool S1, which has a large housing and a powerful 40-watt laser in its most advanced model. It therefore impresses with its potential for numerous applications and its intuitive, safe use, making it particularly attractive for hobbyists.

The xTool S1 diode laser cuts a wide range of materials.

The xTool S1 White is a newcomer to the market. In addition to coming in black, the product is now also available in pearl white and was launched on February 5, 2024. The device measures 765 x 561 x 268 mm and therefore takes up little space. The laser cutter is able to engrave on an area of 498 x 319 at a working speed of 600 mm/s, which significantly helps to increase productivity and achieve results in a short time.

A special feature of the xTool S1 is that the laser cutter has a choice of different laser powers. Depending on the application and personal requirements, the user can choose between a 10 W, 20 W and 40 W laser. Thanks to its closed system, the xTool S1 also stands out from other options on the market. It is the world’s first diode laser of this power level in safety class 1.

xTool S1

The user can choose between 10 W, 20 W and 40 W lasers.

Furthermore, safety is ensured by the closed housing, which protects the user’s eyes and eliminates the need for protective equipment. The laser cutter is also equipped with several safety sensors to ensure comprehensive protection. Indoor use is therefore possible without any problems and the device poses no immediate danger to children and pets.

Applications and Use of the xTool S1

The xTool S1 laser cutter has been specially developed to meet the needs of users of DIY projects. It is suitable for both hobbyists and professional users, such as small craft businesses. The laser cuts a wide range of materials in its various strengths. These range from wood, plastic and leather to glass, acrylic and metal. For these materials, users can switch to a 1064 nanometer laser module.

Furthermore, the xTool S1 has some interesting features to improve handling and optimize results. The S1’s Twinpoint positioning function, for example, offers camera-like precision, even if the device is not equipped with a camera. The Ra2 Pro function enables the processing of non-planar surfaces and thus allows an even greater variety of applications and the realization of diverse projects. The pinpoint system helps to increase efficiency. It supports multiple shapes, including circles, rectangles, polygons and lines, allowing precise positioning and automatic snapping. This means that several objects can be marked in a single pass and no templates are required.

Examples of projects made with the xTool S1.

The processing variety and additional functions are therefore very popular with hobbyists and professional craftsmen, which is the explicit aim of the xTool S1. It is suitable for creating decorative items, implementing creative ideas, producing accessories and for many other DIY projects. Professional users benefit from the powerful lasers to increase production and efficiency. Thanks to the xTool S1’s safety precautions, the device can also be used in the education sector for school projects without any problems.

Getting Started and the Different Versions

Installation is also very simple. The device is sold as plug&play and can be used with Windows and Mac. xTool also provides software for better use, the XS 2.0 Beta software. This enables intelligent planning of work processes, which also helps to increase production. In addition to the software, a wide range of accessories can be used with the S1 and the device is available in various packages and prices. The basic kit includes the device, the Air Assist, a honeycomb plate and a material box. The price varies depending on the laser power.

Upgrade packages such as the Deluxe Kit, Productive Kit and All-in-One Kit also include additional gadgets, for example the 1064 nm laser head, the aforementioned RA2 Pro system, an elevation plate and a fire protection set. Users can therefore select the best package for their needs and price expectations. You can find out more about the different packages and their prices HERE.

xTool S1

xTool S1 Deluxe Kit.

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*All Photo Credits: xTool

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