The HP Jet Fusion 580 printer uses the proprietary technology of the American manufacturer, called Multi Jet Fusion. It is part of one of the latest models unveiled by HP in early 2018. The HP Jet Fusion 300/500 series includes the HP Jet Fusion 340, 540, 380 and 580 3D printers.

The Jet Fusion 580, a full-colour solution

Like the Jet Fusion 380, these two additive manufacturing solutions make it possible to create polychrome functional parts from the polyamide material: PA12. The Jet Fusion 580 can print full-colour parts while maintaining the mechanical properties and quality of the parts. It differs from the Jet Fusion 380 in its printing volume: 190 x 332 x 248 mm. This 3D machine mainly targets R&D teams, design studios, entrepreneurs, universities and other research institutes.

A 3D printer based on the manufacturer’s patented technology: Multi Jet Fusion

Thanks to the Multi Jet Fusion technology, the fine-grained PA 12 material is used to obtain ultra thin layers of 80 microns (0.08 mm). The result is high-density and low porosity parts compared to PA 12 parts produced by laser sintering. The surface of the parts is exceptionally smooth and functional parts require only minimal post-processing. This technology is ideal for functional prototypes and small series of final parts.

The Jet Fusion 580 can use 8 chemical agents at a time and offers a complete range of colours. With the HP Jet Fusion 580 printer it is possible to print your parts ten times faster than the FDM and SLS printers on the market. This will significantly reduce the cost per part and your production time.