Who Were the Winners at AMUG 2024?

Published on April 12, 2024 by Madeleine P.
Previous DINO award winners

A few weeks ago, AMUG 2024 came to an end. The annual event is known for its focus on education and networking, driven ultimately by the motto ‘by users, for users.’ taking place once again in Chicago, attendees were able to gather, discuss and learn about 3D printing. This included competitions where members could showcase innovative and interesting additive manufacturing processes and applications. And now, the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) has announced the winners of its Technical Competition, as well as the recipients of the DINO awards and a rare Lifetime Achievement Award. Let’s take a look at the recipients.

 AMUG Awards a Lifetime Achievement Award

For all of AMUG’s promotion of leaders in the additive manufacturing community, the lifetime achievement award is not often given out. In fact, this year marks only the second time it has been awarded in the organization’s 36-year history. It was given to Gary Rabinovitz, AM/3D Printing Lab Manager at Reebok and a member of AMUG’s Board of Directors, to recognize his or 24 years of service, hard work and dedication.

Gary Rabinovitz accepting the award (left) which was customized (right) to express his long-term passion for wrestling (photo credits: AMUG)

Paul Bates, Rabinovitz’s former manager at Reebok and a past AMUG President presented the award, commenting, “Much of what Gary has done is unknown to the AMUG membership. But having worked closely with him for so many years, I witnessed his pivotal role in providing leadership, guidance and counsel as AMUG transitioned over the past 24 years. I have also seen his diligence in doing the work needed to make the changes possible and keep AMUG true to its mission.” 

With this award, Rabinovitz also joins Thomas Sorovetz as the most honored AMUG member, according to a press release from the group. Both have won the three most prestigious awards bestowed by AMUG: President’s Award [2014], DINO (Distinguished INnovator Operator) Award [2001] and Lifetime Achievement Award [2024]. A distinction that is certainly well deserved considering that Rabinovitz has AMUG officer or director since 2011, holding the positions of Vice President, President, Advisor to the Board, Chairman and Director at Large over the course of 13 years.

This Year’s Dino Award Recipients

The DINO (Distinguished Innovator Operator) Awards are a keystone of AMUG. Recognizing additive manufacturing expertise and service, these awards were given to five individuals at the 36th annual AMUG conference. These were giving in recognition of tenure in the AM sector, years of service, contributions to the industry and, of course, contributions to AMUG and its conference.

The five DINOs this year are Jamie Cone from BD, Steve Grundahl from Prototek, Thomas Murphy from the New Jersey Innovation Institute – COMET, Vadim Pikhovich from MAGMA Foundry Technologies and Bob Renella from GoEngineer. All five have been involved in making AMUG a success over the years, thus their eligibility for this award that has only been given to 

DINO Awards were presented to (from left) Vadim Pikhovich, Thomas Murphy, Jamie Cone, Steve Grundahl, and Bob Renella (photo credits: AMUG)

Shannon VanDeren, DINO Selection Committee Co-Chair and AMUG President further expanded, “The DINO Selection Committee carefully considers each nomination for a DINO, ensuring the prerequisites for this award are met and actions are representative of the qualities of an AMUG Distinguished INnovator Operator.”

AMUG 2024 Announces Technical Competition Award Winners

Last but certainly not least, AMUG has announced the Technical Competition Award winners for 2024. In this competition, excellence in additive manufacturing applications and finishing techniques are recognized with winners in Advanced Concepts, Advanced Finishing and Members’ Choice. This year, these were given respectively to Point Designs LLC, BuildParts by CIDEAS and Eaton.

Bonnie Meyer, Chair of the Technical Competition Committee, explains, This event showcases the innovations, craftsmanship, and dedication to driving advances in additive manufacturing. The participants range from individuals to team collaborations, but every entry demonstrates ingenuity and highlights projects that are only made possible with the use of additive manufacturing technologies. 

 This year, the winning entry for the Advanced Concepts category when to Chrisk Baschuk from Point Design LLC for “Lightweight Revolution: Ventilated Multi-material Shoulder Disarticulation Prosthesis.” Made with PA 12 and TPU using Multi Jet Fusion, the patient-specific device was recognized for its balance of functionality and user comfort. Baschuk notes especially that by using AM, it was possible to reduce bulkiness and weight while increasing the complexity of the design for breathability, heat dissipation and electronics integration.

Mike Littrell from BuildParts has previous won the Technical Compeition and was awarded in the Advanced Finishing cateogry for his entry, “Coin Operated Rides.” These scale replicas were designed to pay tribute to a bygone era of entertainment and culture, including the “race to the Moon” rocket schooter and a futuristic 1950s spacecraft. Each model boasts 99% printed parts, using DLP, FDM and SLA, before undergoing post-processing including models that were fully finished, just sanded/primed or displayed as-printed. 

The winning entries in the 2024 AMUG Technical Competition (from left) are Coin-op Rides (Advanced Finishing), Shoulder Disarticulation Prosthesis (Advanced Concepts), and Luminaire (Members’ Choice)(photo credits: AMUG)

Finally, the Members’ Choice award was chosen by voting by AMUG members, going to Sam Mills, Engineering Specialist for Eaton, for Fully AM Luminaire.” Explaining the project, Mills states, “The luminaire platform is the only known custom solution that leverages multiple additive manufacturing technologies, making it a pioneering solution in the lighting field. It demonstrated the value of AM [additive manufacturing] to manufacture the entire lighting solution. The results are impressive, and the best-in-class efficiency of 150 lumens/Watt is a testament to the quality of the overall product.”

The luminaire is made out of 90% printed components and was made by employing DfAM techniques. Furthermore, it achieves DOE manufacturing goals for reshoring, SKU reduction, and efficiency. Though the solution does not seem to be cost-effective, the judges appreciated the applicatino for its innovation and sophistication in applying additive manufacturing techniques. You can learn more about AMUG and the competition winners at the website HERE.

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*Cover Photo: Current and previous DINO Award winners (photo credits: AMUG)

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