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Orginally based on RepRap printers, Makerbot was established in 2009. However, in recent times Makerbot have distanced themselves from the RepRap and opensource printer movements, and only sell a range of closed source printers.

Makerbot is an American manufacturer of 3D printers, based out of New York.

Since their inception Makerbot have sold over 100,000 printers, making them one of the largest 3D printer manufacturers in the world. In 2012, Makerbot grew its audience greatly after the release of their Replicator 2 3D printer. This became teh highest selling 3D printer ever made, solidifying their reputation in the 3D printing world.

In 2013, Makerbot unveiled its 5th generation of 3D printers with the Replicator 5G, Replicator Mini and Replicator Z18 printers, which can quickly produce ultra-precise physical objects of 3D models. These printers offer improved performance such as in resolution (up to 100 microns), and a larger print area of up to 6718 cm cubed. This is 37% higher than the previous model. In 2013, Makerbot were purchased by Stratasys, another large 3D printing manufacturer. This deal was estimated to be worth $403M.

3D Printers
Replicator 5G + 3.2/5 (171 notes)
The Replicator 5th generation has directly succeeded the Replicator 2 ...
Minimum price : On demand
Replicator Z18 3.5/5 (158 notes)
The Replicator Z18 is the professional version of the 3D printers offe...
Minimum price : On demand
Replicator Mini 3.2/5 (105 notes)
The Replicator Mini lives up to its name by offering a reduced print v...
Minimum price : On demand
Replicator II 3.5/5 (300 notes)
The Makerbot Replicator 2 is the fourth-generation printer from Makerb...
Minimum price : On demand
Replicator 2X 3.5/5 (113 notes)
The Replicator 2X is the dual version of the Replicator 2. It has 2 pr...
Minimum price : On demand
Method 4/5 (9 notes)
The US manufacturer MakerBot's 3D Method printer marks the return of ...
Minimum price : On demand
3D Scanners
Digitizer 3/5 (94 notes)
The Digitizer is the first 3D Scanner by Makerbot, a leading 3D printi...
Minimum price : On demand

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