UltiMaker is the result of the merger of the two 3D printing solution providers Ultimaker and Makerbot, which took place in 2022. In early 2023, they introduced their new 3D printer, the UltiMaker S7. It joins the existing portfolio of 3D printers alongside the Ultimaker S3 and Ultimaker S5. The manufacturer says that the UltiMaker S7 combines its high productivity with the huge choice of materials, characteristic of its predecessor, the S5. The result for the user is a high level of usability and reliability. In terms of material, the UltiMaker S7 requires a filament diameter of 2.85 mm.

Features of the UltiMaker S7

Based on FDM technology, this 3D printer has a maximum print volume of 330 x 240 x 300 mm. Its overall size is 495 x 585 x 780 mm and its weight is 29.1 kilograms, making it a convenient desktop 3D printer. The dual extrusion head features interchangeable print cores and an automatic nozzle lift system.

In addition, the UltiMaker S7 can be used with 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm diameter nozzles. It should be noted that the layer resolution also changes depending on the nozzle used. For example, with the 0.25 mm nozzle, this value is 60 to 150 micrometers. The temperature of the nozzle varies from 180 to 280 °C and the heating time is less than two minutes. The printing plate, on the other hand, takes less than four minutes to heat up, explaining the temperature range of 20 to 60 °C. In general, the temperature range is between 20 and 140 °C. The tray also makes it easy to remove the parts once they are ready, thanks to its flexibility. Finally, the UltiMaker S7 printer is equipped with an Air Manager, a system that would filter up to 95% of the ultra-fine particles emitted during the manufacturing process.