The Pro3 is a dual extruder printer with a build volume of 300x300x300 mm. It builds on the Pro2 Series, but the Pro3 comes with improved usability, higher overall equipment effectiveness and industrial-grade repeatability, making it the best choice in the segment for any customer using 3D printing for small batch or agile production. New features of this printer include: an independent extruder head system, automatic platen leveling and an integrated Air Manager to manage air and temperature within the 3D printer.

The Raise3D Pro3 is designed for product development, rapid prototyping and shape validation. It can also be used for the production of finished parts and small series. Its material compatibility makes it possible to print parts with very interesting mechanical properties. This 3D printer integrates seamlessly into your production cycles and will make you more agile. Its integrated ecosystem will allow you to manage the manufacturing of your 3D parts in real time.

Get a Large-Format 3D Printer with the Raise3D Pro3

The Raise3D Pro3 is a large format 3D printer with a usable volume of up to 300x300x300mm. Its new interchangeable hot-end system will simplify the maintenance of your printer and will allow users to change material very quickly to start new prints. This double extrusion 3D printer is equipped with a robust and resistant chassis that will provide great stability to the printer during printing. This will allow you to obtain high quality parts thanks to its high precision.