Professional 3D printer model of FDM A2 technology from the Italian company 3ntr, with 3 nozzles that gives an amazing XY resolution of 11 microns, a considerable size of 600 x 325 x 500 mm and pressure at temperatures up to 450 ° C. Contains an insulated and heated chamber, is lockable and optionally has an active HEPA exhaust filter

The 3D printer is equipped with a magnetically fixed carbon pressure plate with special diamond coating. Due to the temperature difference after the cooling process, the components can be removed very easily from the plate. Thanks to the open system for 3ntr A2 printing materials it is able to print with basic materials such as ABS, PLA, PC and PETG, also TPU, ASA, PA12 with carbon or glass, PC-ABS, nPower and many more filaments .

To simplify the handling for the user and at the same time guarantee a good print quality, 3ntr has developed the SSI software complement that contains the profiles of all the materials qualified by the manufacturer for the device.