The X1-Carbon 3D printer from Bambu Lab is the company’s flagship product that brought it so much success. Named one of Time magazine’s ‘Best Inventions of 2022’, the X1-Carbon has been showcasing Bambu Lab’s commitment to quality and passion at an affordable price. Even as Bambu Lab continues to expand its catalog of new devices, the X1-Carbon still holds up for its versatility and utility.

Properties of the Bambu Lab X1-Carbon

The modular X1-Carbon allows for customizability, as the base printer allows for different attachments such as Bambu Lab’s Automatic Material System which is able to hold four separate filament spools at once. Prints are guaranteed to be high-quality thanks to the printer’s 7 μm lidar resolution and signature dual auto bed leveling with built-in vibration and extrusion compensation that uses AI algorithms to prevent printing failures. Unique to the X1-Carbon, the AI-assisted level inspection keeps the printing process under control, eliminating the risk of misprints and failures.

The Bambu Lab X1-Carbon 3D printer syncs seamlessly with Bambu Lab’s own slicing software – Bambu Studio, and has additional capabilities for remote monitoring and timelapse recordings on mobile devices with their phone app, Bambu Handy. The printer and related software systems will also work in synergy with Bambu Lab’s file-sharing site, MakerWorld. Within the printer, the build plate is engineered for rapid heating and cooling, with the heat plate able to reach up to 120℃, and a maximum temperature of 300℃ within the all-metal hot end. Ideal for a wide range of materials from PLA, PETG or TPU up to carbon fiber or glass fiber polymers, among others. The basic kit contains the X1-Carbon printer, build plate, spool of Bambu filament and accessories box for around $1,199.00. Alternatively, the X1-Carbon Combo is available from $1,449.00 and comes with the AMS filament storage system included and a sampling of three different types of Bambu filament.