The Tronxy X1 3D printer was developed by the Chinese manufacturer of the same name and features an aluminum frame, small size and easy transport. It is delivered in pieces, you have to assemble it to use it. It takes about 3 hours of assembly.

Features of the Tronxy X1

Based on fused modeling deposition technology, this tabletop machine offers a print volume of 150 x 150 x 150 mm. The printer offers dimensions of 340 x 365 x 350 mm for a weight of 3.5 kg. In terms of print volume, the Tronxy X1 can go up to 150 x 150 x 150 mm. There is no hot plate, which limits the use of different materials. It is compatible with standard plastics. The Tronxy X1 is ideal for printing small objects in PLA at an affordable price as it is available from 140€ on the market. The 3D printer has a touch screen to manage the printing, a 0.4mm diameter print head and a 1.75mm standard filament size. It offers a printing speed that can go up to 130 mm / s.