Specializing in the development of professional and industrial 3D printing solutions, Chinese manufacturer UnionTech has quickly made a name for itself in the additive manufacturing market, particularly for its resin 3D printers. It offers a wide range of SLA, LCD and DLP machines, but has also designed metal 3D printing solutions to meet the needs of its customers. Among its models is the E128, a relatively small LCD 3D printer compared to its sisters. It is particularly suitable for the dental sector.

Features of the E128

The E128 3D printer uses an LCD screen to light-cure successive layers of resin. It is a 6-inch 2K monochrome display. The print volume is 128 x 81 x 151 mm. The manufacturer explains that this resin solution is particularly suitable for small laboratories and clinics that want to design dental models to improve their productivity. It has an accuracy of 50 microns and is compatible with the EvoDent resin range. It can print at speeds of between 20 and 130 mm per hour, with a resolution of 2560 x 1620 px.