3D pens are based on the same technology as 3D melt deposition printers: they allow you to create an object by superimposing different layers of materials, in this case the plastic filament. 3D pens are more compact and more convenient to carry than machines, making them ideal for all artists and makers!

The history of 3D pens

The 3D pen has its origins a few years ago: in 1995, the manufacturer Stratasys had filed a patent evoking this concept. There were glue and wax guns to create 3D objects. It’s the arrival of the 3Doodler pen that really turned this sector upside down. Since then, several iterations of the 3D pen have been developed, the goal being to offer a practical tool to all those who want to create 3D parts. There is a professional version but also a version for children, bringing a wide range of
3D pens for everyone.