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Published on May 6, 2020 by Michelle J.
3D printing pen

The 3D pen is often seen as a gadget or a toy reserved for children who want to get into 3D printing. However, it is clear that these 3D pens are becoming more and more popular and sophisticated, with more features and compatible materials. They make it possible to create all kinds of parts and let users express their imagination and creativity at a relatively affordable price. Based on fused deposition modeling technology, the 3D pen is a good alternative to desktop 3D printers for some applications. It is more convenient and less bulky, and does not require 3D modeling skills or the use of a slicer: the part is created directly from the 3D pen. However, let’s remember that it has its limits and that it will not be suitable for the design of ultra complex parts.

We have made a selection of the 15 best 3D pens for all 3D printing enthusiasts: children, fans and artists. They all cater to different levels because there is a 3D pen no matter your age or skill level.

3D Printing Pen: Children

The main lovers of pens are usually the kids at home, allowing them to create small sculptures of everything that comes to their imagination. That is why different brands have focused on developing their version of a 3D printing pen moving more towards education and a younger audience.

1. IDO3D Vertical

With the IDO3D Vertical, IDO3D has launched a 3D pen that creates a lot of space for creativity. It is particularly child-friendly because you can simply press on the attached color tube when drawing. They also have a tip that can be expanded with an included LED attachment. Also included is a slide on which the artwork can be erected and a book that explains how to use the pen. A set with a single 3D pen costs just under 10 euros and varies depending on the number of colors. As far as the color selection is concerned, tubes with special effects such as glitter are also available.

2. MYNT 3D Junior

The MYNT 3D Junior was developed for children and accordingly has a particularly ergonomic shape and a tip that has been designed to prevent burns. This 3D pen runs on batteries and has a USB port for charging, although the adapter is not included. Commercially available 1.75mm PCL is suitable for this pen. The price of the 3D pen including operating instructions, USB cable and 3 rolls of filament is available from 50 euros.

3d pen

3. 3DSimo Basic

The 3D pen 3DSIMO BASIC is suitable for children and like the MYNT 3D Junior, also uses 1.75mm PCL filament. Among other things, the filament contained in the set does not have to be cut, making it easy for a child to use. The weight of this 3D pen is 73 grams. With the dimensions 150mm x 28mm x 22mm, it also fits in small hands. For just under 70 euros you get the pen, a battery and the above 48 filaments.

3d pen

4. 3DoodlerStart

The 3DoodlerStart is as the name implies, ideal for anyone who is starting out with 3D printing, in our case, with 3D pens. Its particularity is the filament used, called “Ego Plastic”. It is biodegradable and requires a much lower extrusion temperature than traditional filaments such as PLA or ABS, children can touch the filament safely. The pen is available with additional accessories. It has a rechargeable battery and is available without a kit for $49.99.

3D pencil

5. Nulaxy 3D Pen

The Nulaxy 3D pen is the first 3D pen with voice prompts on the market, which can help children learn faster how to use this pen. It is controlled with two buttons, and the feed is automatic to avoid hand fatigue. This 3D pen can work with both ABS and PLA filament. The manufacturer explains that children as young as 5 years old can use this pen as it was made to fit in their hands. The pen is sold in a package that contains 6 colours of PLA filament (10 feet each) to get started straight away!

3d pen

3D Printing Pen: Hobbyists

On the other hand, if you are a person who is just starting to work with 3D printing, specifically with 3D printing pens, this is your section. Many of the 3D pens here, have limitations still allowing with certain knowledge to be used much more professionally, but guiding you in the incursion to these technologies.

6. CreoPop 3D Pen

Like the first pencil presented, the CreoPop 3D works with cold ink, that is to say with a gel that hardens thanks to UV rays. One of its main characteristics is its wide range of inks available. There are also special filaments that shine in the dark, which gives children many possibilities for their own creations. As a result, the price of the 3D pen is higher than that of its competitors since it is available starting at $129.99.

3d pen


3D Printing Pen: Hobbyists

On the other hand, if you are a person who is just starting to work with 3D printing, specifically with 3D printing pens, this is your section. Many of the 3D pens here, have limitations still allowing with certain knowledge to be used much more professionally, but guiding you in the incursion to these technologies.

7: SkyWriter 3D Pen

SkyWriter V3 is a very light 3D pen, only 55 grams, which was developed with ergonomic design to fit your hand perfectly. Additionally, this 3D pen has been upgraded to include a soft touch finish, intelligent control and easy operation. Its no clog nozzle regulates the temperature automatically when extruding the filament. The manufacturer has also enabled the user to control the speed of extrusion with up to 8 speeds. Finally, you can use both ABS and PLA filaments with this 3D pen. The starting price is $179.

3d pen

8. Dikale 07A

This entry-level 3D pen from Chinese brand Dikale, features a thin, light plastic body that fits well in the hand of a user. You can use either ABS or PLA filament with the Dikale 07A. It allows you to choose the filament mode first, then your speed. There are three speed settings and extruding temperatures. Each of these options is controlled by a separate button: one for the filament section, speed selection, extrusion and unloading filament. Therefore, it’s not as easy to use as other pens on the market. You will probably need some practice to properly operate it.

3d pen

9. 3Dsimo MultiPro

For the ones looking to take it to the next level, you can look closer to a multi functional tool. 3Dsimo have developed many 3D pens and one such is the MultiPro tool. It is a 3D pen that can be transformed into having multiple purposes. Not only does it work as a 3D pen, but it can also solder, burn and cut out foam. However the newest model has even more attachments available such as drills, electric screwdriver, heat gun and saw. The device includes an OLED display that can showcase basic tutorials for each of the attachments available. Each tutorial provides a small guide on how to use the tools properly for you to get the most out of your MultiPro.

3d pen

10. 3Doodler Create+

The manufacturer Wooble Works, the origin of the first 3D printing pen, has developed the Create+ especially for all fans of 3D printing. Its light weight of 50g facilitates its manoeuvrability and its two modes of simplicity of extrusion. It is compatible with PLA, ABS and Flexy and has a new, faster, smoother and stronger control system. For a base price of $100, and you can add accessories such as a drawing surface or a portable battery.

3d pen

3D Printing Pen: Artists

If you are thinking of buying a 3D pen for a more professional use, with different materials such as filaments composed of metal, wood etc, greater precision and faster when it comes to fixing it, this is your section.

11. Scribbler Duo

The Russian company Scribbler, based in the United States, has several models of 3D pens in its product line. The Scribbler V3 is one of the most popular and costs around $ 99. It has a ceramic extruder capable of reaching high temperatures and printing materials such as ABS, PLA, cork compounds, metal, bronze, etc. On the other hand we find the Scribbler Duo, which integrates a double extruder to be to create with two different colors or materials at the same time. Both pens include an OLED screen that helps you have better control of your devices. However, the Scribbler Duo has 6 different speeds and a price that reaches $ 130.

3d pen

12. Tecboss M1

The Chinese company Tecboss has a wide range of electronic devices, such as 3D pens, among others. One of the best-known 3D pens is the M1, which was updated in 2019 to incorporate a smart chip that would control the temperature and speed of the pen. Unlike other brands whose pencils allow a multitude of filaments, the M1 only supports PLA. Although this is a disadvantage, the truth is that the company only wanted to handle odorless and non-toxic materials, making its products cleaner and safer. Another of the models it offers is the SL-300, which differs from the previous one due to its great lightness. When it comes to long and expensive projects, the SL-100’s ergonomic design allows for a firm, solid feel for the best result. Priced at $ 59, it integrates eight speeds and an extrusion temperature capable of reaching 210 degrees Celsius – an ideal solution for both beginners and experienced users.

13. CoLiDo 3D Pen

The company CoLiDo is dedicated to the production of tools for additive manufacturing, from 3D printers to filaments, to 3D pencils. Similar to others already mentioned, the 3D CoLiDo pencil stands out for having a retractable nozzle, that is, you will not burn anything (or anyone) by accident! This provides additional security for the user. Priced at $ 70, this innovative tool is light and easy to control and adjust thanks to the buttons it includes. The pack usually includes a multitude of PLA and ABS filament bars, as well as a power cable, a manual and various templates. Without a doubt, a suitable option to unleash your imagination.

3d pen

14. MYNT 3D Pen

This 3D printing pen belongs to the Californian company of the same name. MYNT allows to adjust the thickness and flow of the extruded material by having a variable speed control and an OLED screen, in addition to allowing temperatures to be adjusted from 130º to 230º. It also manages to change the temperature grade by grade, which gives greater precision to the material that comes out. When buying the MYNT the kit includes: the 3D pen, 3 colours of filaments in ABS and a 100-240V AC 50 / 60Hz adapter. Currently they are priced at $70 (Approximately € 60).

3D pencil

15. 3Doodler Pro

3Doodler, one of the most recognized 3D ballpoint pen companies. It started in 2012 with its first product that got 4M dollars. Their first launch of the 3Doodler Pro was in 2016, designed for professionals. This 3D printing pen is able to print with PLA, ABS, Nylon, flexible materials and even polycarbonate. It has an LCD screen from which it is possible to regulate temperature and speed and 6 interchangeable extruders. It has a price of $ 249 (€ 214 approximately).

3D pencil

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