ZYYX Labs is a Sweden-based manufacturer of 3D printers. The company offers a range of industrial machines that use FDM 3D printing technology, such as the 3 models: ZYYX Pro II, ZYYX + and ZYYX Pro. Each machine is designed to provide a reliable and high-quality solution for the production of 3D printed parts. According to the manufacturer, the ZYYX Pro is designed to be easy to use, robust and quiet.

Features of the ZYYX Pro

The ZYYX Pro features a printing plate that can produce parts with a maximum size of 260 x 225 x 200 mm. As for the external dimensions, the 3D printer measures 440 x 440 x 455 mm with a weight of 18 kg. The device from ZYYX Labs is compatible with many of the manufacturer’s high-quality filaments, including ProCarbon (carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide), ProNylon or even ProGlass (glass fiber-reinforced polyamide). Thermoplastics like PLA or ABS from ZYYX Labs can also be used. The filament size is 1.75 mm. As for the printing speed, the 3D printer can produce up to 200 mm/s.

Other features of the ZYYX Pro include the fact that the device can be operated with a printing temperature between 100 and 265 °C. The 3D printer also has a heating chamber that can be heated up to 65°. It supports STL, X3G and 3MF file types. In addition, it has OfficeSafe, a filtration system (HEPA and activated carbon) that removes ultra-fine particles and odors, so you can print safely with any material. Finally, the printer has an automatic calibration of the printing plate for each production. The 3D printer is also compatible with Simplify3D, one of the most popular software on the market.