The 3DWOX1 desktop 3D printer is one of the models offered by the Korean manufacturer Sindoh. The company also has the 2X in their range of 3D printing solutions, both using FDM/FFF technology. The 3DWOX1, with its open materials mode, has been designed to explore new possibilities and ensure a wide selection of materials. Users can choose to use filaments developed by Sindoh or filaments from other brands. However, the manufacturer’s filaments are limited to PLA and ABS, while materials from other brands also allow the use of ASA or PETG. The 3D printer is suitable for consumer goods manufacturing.

Features of the 3DWOX1

In terms of the features of Sindoh’s 3D printer, its physical dimensions are 421 x 433 x 439 mm. The machine is capable of producing parts with a maximum size of 210 x 200 x 195 mm and creating parts with a layer thickness between 0.05 mm and 0.40 mm. The 3DWOX1 has a single extrusion head that deposits 1.75 mm filaments. Additionally, the 3D printer features a 5-inch color touchscreen to facilitate use. It has HEPA filters, a component commonly used in air purifiers to remove extremely fine particles.

This means that the machine absorbs the dust emitted during printing, ensuring a healthy environment. An important detail not to overlook is that the 3DWOX1 is a quiet solution. According to the manufacturer, it has a noise level of 40 dB. Other features of the 3D printer include the ability to automatically place the filament without manual intervention. The machine also features a camera and an LED light to remotely monitor the printing process in real-time.