Titomic’s D523 3D Printers Head to Ukraine Front Line After Largest-Ever Sale

The integration of 3D printing technology into military operations has steadily increased in recent years. From prototyping and tooling to spare parts production and battlefield repairs, additive manufacturing offers various advantages for military applications. Leveraging this growing trend, Titomic Limited, a leading Australian manufacturer specializing in additive manufacturing, has recently secured a significant deal with the Royal Netherlands Army, marking a pivotal moment in the realm of military-grade 3D printing solutions.

Under this contract, the Koninklijke Landmacht, the on-ground branch of the Royal Netherlands Army, will acquire ten units of Titomic’s highly acclaimed D523 Cold Spray 3D printing systems. With a total value exceeding €772,000, this agreement marks Titomic’s largest-ever order of its D523 systems, highlighting the growing demand for 3D printing technology in military applications.

The primary objective of this contract is to strengthen Ukraine’s war efforts by equipping its armed forces with cutting-edge technology capable of on-the-spot repairs and maintenance. Nine of the acquired D523 3D printers will be deployed to the front lines in Ukraine to allow for swift and efficient repairs of battle damage.

Speaking on their partnership with Titomic, Colonel C Heukers of the Royal Netherlands Army added,  “Our decision to invest in Titomic machines marks a definitive shift from theoretical exploration to practical implementation of additive manufacturing within our military. This move signifies our unwavering commitment to leveraging advanced capabilities in real-world applications. By providing these innovative technologies to Ukrainian forces, we demonstrate our trust in their ability to swiftly adopt and effectively utilize these tools to enhance military capabilities. This collaboration underscores our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological innovation and ensuring readiness for the challenges of modern warfare.”

Titomic’s D523’s Cold Spray offers portable, fast, and affordable metal repairs.

Titomic’s Expansion into Global Military Partnerships

Building on its successful collaboration with the Royal Netherlands Army, Titomic is now actively pursuing partnerships with other military organizations around the world, including the Australian Defense Force. Mr. Herbert Koeck, Managing Director of Titomic, expressed his enthusiasm for the contract, stating, “This order from the Royal Netherlands Army marks a pivotal moment for Titomic, showcasing our D523 System’s ability to provide versatile repair and maintenance solutions on a large scale while creating a significant revenue opportunity. This is a stride forward in our ongoing efforts to bring these innovative solutions to a wider market. Titomic is aiming to attract more large-scale orders from innovators across various sectors in the coming months, including resources, defense, and aerospace, who are eager to leverage the advanced capabilities Titomic offers.”

Titomic is poised to deliver the D523 systems within the next few months, marking a significant turning point for the company, as these printers will actively support a war effort. This collaboration with various military organizations worldwide paves the way for broader adoption of this technology for defense purposes.

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*All Photo Credits: Titomic Limited

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