3D Printer : Select Mini V2

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The Select Mini V2 is the smallest 3D printer that American retailer Monoprice sell. Its heating plate allows it to work with any type of filament, from ABS and PLA to more advanced materials such as conductive PLA, wood and metal.

The Select Mini V2, an affordable, compact and open desktop printer

The Select Mini is compact and open, ideal for an office environment or home use. Unlike most other low-cost 3D printers, this printer comes fully assembled and already calibrated. Models are preinstalled on the micro SD card provided with the machine to begin printing upon delivery. 

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Specs :
  • Manufacturer : Monoprice
  • Type : Desktop
  • Country : USA
  • Material(s) : PLA, ABS, Plastic - others, Special filaments
  • Technology : Dépôt de matière fondue
  • Assembled : Plug&Play
  • Size : 343 x 287 x 190
  • Weight (kg) : 4,5
  • Nozzle diameter (mm) : 0,4
  • Layer thickness : -
  • Speed (mm/s) : 55
  • Precision (mm) : 100 microns
  • Filament size (mm) : 1,75
  • Maximum build volume (mm) : 120x120x120
  • File types: .stl, .obj
  • Software : Cura, Repetier-Host
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi, SD-Card, USB Key
  • Operating systems : Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Power requirements : 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Others : Heating plate
All offers for the 3D printer Select Mini V2 :
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