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Formlabs was started out of MIT in 2011, and has expanded to employ over 250 people across offices in Germany, Japan, and China. Formlabs are committed to bringing powerful yet accessible fabrication tools to professionals worldwide.

Formlabs have established themselves in the 3D printing with their Form 2 SLA 3D printer, and Fuse 1 SLS 3D printer in a variety of industries. In addition, Formlabs have developed high-quality 3D materials well as 3D software such as PreForm and Dashboard. Recently, with the announcement of their Color Kit for their SLA printers, you can now print in a variety of colors by mixing different colour resins together.

3D Printers
Form 1+ 3.9/5 (209 notes)
Operating with SLA (stereolithography), the Form 1+ is the latest from...
Minimum price : On demand
Form 2 4/5 (400 notes)
The Form 2 is no longer manufactured by Formlabs, but some refurbished...
Minimum price : On demand
Fuse 3.4/5 (51 notes)
The Fuse 1 is the first 3D printer based on SLS technology from Americ...
Minimum price : On demand
Form 3 3.8/5 (60 notes)
The Form 3 3D printer from the American manufacturer Formlabs is the e...
Minimum price : On demand
Form 3L 3.8/5 (22 notes)
The Form 3L is part of the latest generation of 3D printers from leadi...
Minimum price : On demand

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