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Compare HP 3D Printers

HP are an American technology giant that have been in operation since 1939.

HP announced originally that they were going to enter the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industry in 2015, and would launch 3D printers in 2016. These 3D printing systems are based on their unique, patented technology, known as Multi Jet Fusion. Multi Jet Fusion uses powder in a similar vein to Selective Laser Sintering, though it does not use lasers. This technology allows for the production of multiple parts simultaneously, quickly, at an accuracy of up to 80 microns. The technology is limited to PA12 / Polyamide materials however.

HP 3D Printers: A History

The first 3D printers launched by HP were the Jet Fusion 3200 and 4200. The HP Jet Fusion 4210 was launched later in November 2017, offering lower cost per part and higher speeds. In February 2018, HP announced that 4 more Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers were to be released in the second half of 2018. These included two printers capable of full-color printing, the Jet Fusion 380 and 580. These printers are also cheaper than their previous 3D printing solutions, starting at $50,000.

You can compare all of HP's 3D printers below.

Imprimantes 3D
Jet Fusion 4200 3,8/5 (101 notes)
Jet Fusion est la technologie de fabrication additive propriétaire ave...
Prix minimum : Sur demande
Jet Fusion 3200 3,9/5 (51 notes)
Cette machine n'est plus commercialisée par HP. Parmi les autres machi...
Prix minimum : Sur demande
Jet Fusion 4210 4/5 (13 notes)
L'imprimante 3D HP Jet Fusion 4210 est une machine fabriquée par le co...
Prix minimum : Sur demande
Jet Fusion 340 3,7/5 (20 notes)
L’imprimante HP Jet Fusion 340 fait partie des derniers modèles dévoil...
Prix minimum : Sur demande
Jet Fusion 380 3,3/5 (14 notes)
L’imprimante HP Jet Fusion 380 fait partie des derniers modèles dévoil...
Prix minimum : Sur demande
Jet Fusion 540 4/5 (35 notes)
L'imprimante HP Jet Fusion 540 utilise la technologie brevetée du fabr...
Prix minimum : Sur demande
Jet Fusion 580 3,6/5 (64 notes)
L’imprimante HP Jet Fusion 580 utilise la technologie propriétaire du ...
Prix minimum : Sur demande

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