Youbionic and their 3D printed bionic arm

Published on October 26, 2018 by Michelle J.
bionic arm

Youbionics is a company of Italian origin that became known a few years ago when presenting a bionic prosthesis. Which gave it a spot on our ranking of the best 3D printed prostheses. From this development they have recently unveiled their new project: a 3D printed bionic arm.

The company, that’s founded in Pavia in 2014, seeks to make use of new technologies to increase human capabilities. Building devices that can make us more skilled in our daily tasks. A plan very similar to the one they have in Third Thumb, which seeks to add a third thumb to our hands so that we are able to perform more tasks at once.

bionic arm

The new 3D printed bionic arm, is designed to add an extra arm to the user. Created with additive manufacturing technologies, very light and with the possibility of having externally controlled movements. Although the final idea is to be able to control that arm with the mind!

These devices can increase people’s abilities when they are in a healthy body, but they can also recover skills if they replace parts of the body that do not work,” said Federico Ciccarese, Youbionic founder of 3DPrint.

The bionic arm that you print yourself

From the first launch of Youbionic, the company has shared everything so you can print it yourself from home, and in the case of your bionic arm there have been made no exception. The price of the arm is $ 149, something that does not differ much from the $ 99, of the bionic hand. According to the company, it can be printed with PLA and then acquire, externally, the non-printable elements without any problem. The sale of their developments has helped them to raise funds to continue their research and manufacture more prostheses.

Bionic arm

Detail of the hand

The introduction of 3D printing in the medical field has opened many developments. Currently allowing access to this type of development in this sector can guarantee saving many lives. Youbionic seeks not only to increase capabilities, but also to help many people who have lost a limb to be able to get back to their daily lives.

To better understand the functioning of the bionic arm of Youbionic, do not miss the below video. For more information find here the official site of the Italian company.

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