xTool F1 Ultra: Combined Laser Power for Even Greater Efficiency and Productivity 

Published on June 5, 2024 by Astrid Z.

Small businesses and creative professionals need strong allies to realize their ideas. They must have access to the right materials, hardware and software, as well as the space and budget to do so. Once these requirements have been met, the next question is user-friendliness and security in order to achieve pleasing results as quickly as possible.  

xTool is a young company that has addressed these needs of creative hobbyists and professional artists by developing devices that meet safety and accessibility requirements and promise high performance. With its latest device, the xTool F1 Ultra laser cutter, which is now celebrating its premiere, the company seeks to go beyond its previous machines and provide craftsmen with an even more powerful tool with various new, unique features. 

The F1 Ultra has a unique selling point in the current market for laser cutters, as it is the first laser cutter to have both a fiber laser and a diode laser in one machine. This combination is intended to achieve greater flexibility in the application. Traditionally, fiber lasers are used for engraving and cutting metals, plastics, and stone, whereas diode lasers are better suited for processing wood, leather, glass, or rubber. By combining both laser types in one machine, users can benefit from the advantages of the different wavelengths of the lasers and process more materials artistically. With the xTool F1 Ultra, it is thus possible to engrave these various materials and cut and implement 3D deep engraving, which is particularly valuable and in demand on the market.   

This additional flexibility offers users even more possibilities in their creative work. The device is, therefore, aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, jewelry craftsmen and designers, DIY enthusiasts, and newcomers to the field of laser engraving. xTool always endeavors to incorporate feedback from its existing customers into the development of new devices and to meet users’ needs. More than 500 engineers are dedicated to developing efficient machines that meet customer expectations.  

But safety also plays a crucial role. The xTool F1 Ultra is equipped with various precautions to ensure safe handling of the machine. The closed housing, for example, protects the user from the laser beams. It also filters the blue diode light to protect the eyes. The automatic fume extraction system removes exhaust fumes, smoke and dust and also helps to protect the user. 

In addition to these measures, xTool also integrated functions to increase the user-friendliness of the device. On the one hand, the device is delivered already assembled. On the other hand, various gadgets help to simplify and speed up the path to the final result. The artificial intelligence of the XCS software, for example, helps users to design work orders intuitively and achieve the best results using the preset material parameters from the Easy Set library. An integrated 1600 mp camera on the device ensures better alignment, focusing, and positioning of the work orders. The control button on the device can be easily operated via a touch screen, and jobs can be saved directly on the device. The F1 Ultra Package has a memory of 7 GB; therefore, it is unnecessary to connect the computer or a tablet.   

xTool F1 Ultra enables assembly line production of creative works

Artificial intelligence and the integrated camera come into their own in combination with a completely new feature. The xTool F1 Ultra is equipped with a conveyor belt to raise productivity to a whole new level of production. The camera and algorithms of the Creative Space software help to automatically recognize shapes on the conveyor belt and process the pieces as they are intended. The user simply places their raw materials on one side of the conveyor belt. This step is followed by automatic processing – engraving, cutting, deep engraving – before the end products reappear on the other side.  

The conveyor belt expands the processing area, which is almost four times larger than that of the previous F1 model. While the regular processing area of the F1 Ultra is 220 x 220 mm, it can be extended to 220 x 500 mm with the conveyor belt. With its product dimensions of 273 x 373 x 492 mm and its weight of 14.7 kg, it is nevertheless a compact desktop device that quickly finds its place in a workshop.  

The conveyor belt and the integrated camera are certainly significant innovations in a laser cutter and help to achieve the primary intention of the F1 Ultra, which is increased flexibility and productivity. The xTool F1 Ultra has been designed to be multifunctional, highly efficient, and fast to carry out creative work and to provide a “laser factory” for studios. The F1 Ultra is, therefore, not only an update of the F1 but also a device that should stand out from the usual market portfolio for laser cutters.   

The laser cutter is ten times faster than conventional diode lasers, is lightweight, and, most importantly, excels in its versatility to process nearly all materials. It can be used for personalization, engraving, cutting jewelry, coins, decorations, leather patches, and much more. This expands the artistic freedom of creative individuals and helps them bring their ideas to life. You can find out more HERE.    

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*All Photo Credits: xTool

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