Xerox acquires Vader Systems to offer cheaper metal 3D printing

Published on February 11, 2019 by Carlota V.

Xerox, the printer and photocopier manufacturer, announced during its 2019 Investor Day that it has acquired Vader Systems. Vader System is a New-York based metal additive manufacturing company. This acquisition should enable Xerox to offer low-cost metal additive manufacturing with more metals.

A three year roadmap and five strategic goals

More specifically, they announced a three-year roadmap to expand their services with five strategic goals. Xerox is finally stepping into 2019 with a multifaceted approach to next-generation technologies. As of now, the company was focused on the digital manufacturing aspect of 3D printing and not prototyping. Their aim is to focus on lower-cost processes for both plastic and metal 3D printing. They are targeting a fast growing and innovative market.

Indeed, the acquisition of Vader Systems is a first step in that direction. Vader Systems developed a very unique metal 3D printing process. Their process uses standard welding wire which keeps costs relatively lower compared to specialised metal powders used by many competitors. It’s Vader’s processes that powers Xerox’s plans to offer cheaper metal additive manufacturing.

Source: Xerox

Vice Chairman and CEO at Xerox, John Giovanni declared:

As we previously communicated, we are revamping our innovation business model. This is essential to returning Xerox to technology leadership, positioning us for long-term success and ensuring proper monetisation of our innovation

“Our leading expertise in technology in printing uniquely positions us to move into adjacencies that share similar core technology requirements. For instance, we are developing a road map to participate in 3D printing. We currently manufacture 3D print heads that we OEM, where we have differentiated capabilities around print technologies, materials, toner and software that will enable 3D printing to move to the next level of adoption for the production of end-use industrial parts.”

A strategic acquisition

For more information, Vader Systems was founded in 2013 and developed the first commercial liquid metal 3D printer with its patented Magnet-o-Jet Technology, which can be used in high-volume metal manufacturing. They offer the Vader Polaris liquid metal AM system, the Magnet-o-Jet Subsystem for hybrid manufacturing equipment integration and the Ares Microsphere Production System for the production of spherical metal powders.

The MK1 Printer from Vader Systems

No further details about the Vader acquisition have been announced as of yet. Simply on Xerox’s website was announced that customers can expect a lot from the company’s new acquisition. “The results? Customers will be able to get complex parts delivered faster. Take advantage of unique materials to enhance performance. Lower costs. And optimise build volumes, part properties, and support structures with advanced design and planning tools. 3D printing is poised to transform manufacturing. And we’re ready to lead the charge.”

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