Wohlers Report 2023: Double-Digit Growth for Additive Manufacturing

Published on April 3, 2023 by Madeleine P.
Wohlers Report 2023

The Wohlers Report is undoubtedly the bible of 3D printing. Every year, this benchmark report is one of the most important resources for those wishing to study key market characteristics and trends. The 2023 edition has just been released and for this 28th annual report, Wohlers Associates, powered by ASTM International, emphasizes the continued growth of the additive manufacturing sector. Double-digit growth is not only reassuring but also should help drive users to invest in 3D technologies. Indeed, the Wohlers Report 2023 team has found 2022 growth of 18.3% for AM products and services, confirming the market’s recovery from the pandemic. This growth figure was calculated from hard data provided by hundreds of companies worldwide.

This year’s Wohlers Report was written by 97 co-authors from 35 different countries. Moreover, 412 companies contributed to the 425-page report, providing real insight into the market. And this year, the topics covered are numerous and diverse, including subjects such as the circular economy and recycling, metal binder jetting and the role of 3D technologies in healthcare. Additionally, the market study obviously looks at the different 3D printing processes, the materials used and the applications targeted. Notably, the focus this year is on end-use parts.

Global revenue for additive manufacturing services (yellow) and products (orange), expressed in billions of dollars (photo credits: Wohlers Report)

Terry Wohlers, head of advisory services and business intelligence at Wohlers Associates, adds, “The AM industry is continuing to expand into end-use production applications. This trend will grow as standards are further developed and adopted. AM is delivering larger and more critical parts across multiple industry sectors.” It’s no great surprise therefore that the report shows the growing industrialization of additive manufacturing – as we know, the market is developing faster, more automated, production-oriented solutions and doing so in larger and larger series. Public bodies are also participating in these developments by proposing initiatives that promote the adoption of 3D technologies.

Furthermore, looking at the topics discussed in more detail in the Wohlers Report 2023, recycling and the circular economy were certainly at the forefront. Thus, supporting the idea that additive manufacturing allows users to design new with old and to recover waste. Note that sustainability was already a major issue in last year’s report. It also highlights metal binder jetting and the opportunities and challenges this process brings as well as covering the role of AM in healthcare, the development of startups and finally how the market can attract a younger workforce. A question that is not easy to solve, especially since there are also issues of qualifications and skills to consider. If you wish to obtain the report, the digital version is available for $750 HERE.

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