WEBINAR: Sustainable and Custom Series Manufacturing with AM

Published on November 18, 2020 by Carlota V.

Additive manufacturing is often seen as an environmentally friendlier production method to conventional manufacturing because of its potential for local production and because it can allow for zero-waste manufacturing. It is also seen as one of the manufacturing technologies enabling the highest degree of customization, an essential tool in industries like medicine.

It is less often mentioned that materials are of utmost importance to the environmental performance of additive manufacturing. Additionally, personalization in series, or high-volume production also involves its challenges. In this webinar, we discussed, together with Arkema, XFeet Orthotics and Erpro Group sustainable and custom manufacturing through the scope of AM. The speakers demonstrated that sustainable and tailor-made manufacturing is possible thanks to 3D printing technologies, an optimized production workflow and sustainable materials.

You can watch the recording of the webinar again below!


Sophie Mulsant is the Europe Market Development Manager at 3D Printing Solutions by Arkema. Sophie has been with Arkema for 20 years and currently leads the business development for thermoplastic powders for powder bed fusion (PBF) additive manufacturing.




Youri Saint-Lo is the Co-Founder of XFeet. Developed for podiatrists, Youri has been managing businesses in IT technologies for 25 years and today leads the operational development of the Xfeet interface.



Anaïse Mourocq is working as Communication & Marketing for XFeet Orthotics. Previously, she was a manager in international cultural projects for 10 years. She is now in charge of the communication and marketing of XFeet.




Quentin Betucchi is a R&D Process Engineer at Erpro 3D Factory. Since 2016, he has been participating in the creation and success of Erpro 3D Factory, a production site dedicated to mass production in 3D printing.





Advanced materials company Arkema, develops 3D printing materials for various processes (extrusion, photopolymerization, powder bed fusion), and also works closely with many professionals and manufacturers in the sector to produce quality parts. The company is focused on unlocking new opportunities by developing valuable partnerships with leaders of the market such as EOS and Erpro. 3D Printing Solutions by Arkema is the business dedicated to forming these valuable partnerships and developing materials that fit the needs of manufacturers in AM. As you may know, additive manufacturing materials need the correct specifications to work on AM systems and provide repeatability, accuracy and precision. This is why it is key to start by developing the correct materials for manufacturers’ needs. Contact them HERE.

XFeet Orthotics

XFeet Orthotics is a collaborative platform to create tailor-made and 3D printable insoles. The platform provides a complete workflow: from 3D scanning to generating the STL file that is sent to the manufacturer for 3D printing and delivery. In this context, Arkema’s products, biosourced and sustainable, present innovative mechanical specifications at a very high quality. It allows XFeet to propose to podiatrists and patients the added value of personalization, yet the system factors in serial production.

Erpro Group

Since 1997, Erpro Group has been providing its full range of services for the manufacture and finishing of your projects: from prototyping to small and large volume production. The group masters the various 3D printing technologies such as wire deposition, FDM and CFF composite, stereolithography, Carbon technology, polymer powder sintering, metal fusion, Multi Jet Fusion technology, etc.

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