WEBINAR: Beyond the Mold – Achieving Quality Additive Production That Rivals Injection Molding

Published on April 9, 2024 by Madeleine P.
Injection Molding additive

Injection molding is one of the largest manufacturing methods used today, worth an estimated $187B in 2022. But did you know that additive manufacturing can rival or even replace this production method?  Attendees were able to learn how in our the webinar, “Beyond the Mold: Achieving Quality Additive Production That Rivals Injection Molding,” which took place on April 18th at 10AM ET/4PM CEST. Andy Harkison, Director of Product Management, and AJ Frisell, Advanced Application Engineer, from Evolve Additive Solutions, joined us for a discussion on how AM is a viable additive alternative to injection molding.

More specifically, they covered Evolve’s STEP (Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process) Technology, which was developed specifically for production applications and scale. The presentation included an analysis and comparison of the mechanical properties, fidelity, and accuracy of STEP parts as compared to parts produced by injection molding or other additive processes – as well as highlighted winning use cases and applications where the combination of STEP quality and production capacity provide the ideal solution. See the replay below!


Andy Harkison is the Director of Product Management at Evolve Additive Solutions. He leads the company’s product requirements and commercialization for Systems, Software, Materials and parts production services. Andy has an extensive background as a go-to-market leader in manufacturing capital equipment in the semiconductor, material testing and additive industries. He obtained his BA in Physics from Carleton College and a Master of Science in Management of Technology from the University of Minnesota.

AJ Frisell is an Advanced Application Engineer at Evolve Additive Solutions. He works with all aspects of the STEP technology, from file to printed part, focusing on DFAM for optimal quality and cost efficiency. AJ has proven experience in medical device manufacturing in traditional and additive manufacturing industries. AJ received a Design for Additive Manufacturing certificate from Dunwoody Technical College and has a BA in Marketing from the University of Montana.

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