VIT: the first affordable SLS printer by Natural Robotics

Published on October 23, 2017 by Jamie D.
natural robotics

Natural Robotics is a company based in Barcelona that will present the first low-cost Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) printer on October 24th on Kickstarter. Natural Robotics’ goal is to make high-quality additive manufacturing technologies available to all businesses. The Catalan start-up began a few years ago, initially developing FDM printers, but from the beginning realised SLS’ importance. With this knowledge, they created their newest printer, aiming to affect businesses across the world.

natural robotics

The 3D printer has a touch screen that facilitates the handling of the machine

“The VIT is a low-cost selective laser sintering printer capable of matching the quality standards and features of the most expensive options on the market. With this launch, we provide an opportunity for designers, engineers, laboratories and all types of professionals and small and medium businesses to get a 3D printer that will undoubtedly revolutionize their business,” said Natural Robotics CEO Hector Esteller.


After three years of work and seven prototypes, the 3D VIT printer competes with the big names in the industry. This is because it can print at a speed of 20mm/h with a resolution of 0.05mm. In addition, it can make 6x larger designs that other printers at similar price points. An important element of the Natural robotics machine is that it can be printed with any Powder PA. This is regardless of the supplier’s brand.

In the following video Héctor Esteller introduces the VIT to the 3Dnatives team:

The Catalan company unveiled VIT at the In3Dustry fair, having been previously tested in the automotive, design, artistic restoration and medical industries. According to them, they managed to create high quality models for each sector.

natural robotics

The print quality of the VIT is claimed to be equal with those of a much higher price point

The printer officially launches on Kickstarter on October 24th with a €6,000 starting price. This is a 50% discount on the full retail price, with the printers expected to be delivered in March 2018. In addition, Hector Esteller has hinted that there are special surprise gifts for the first people to support the campaign.

For more information on the VIT 3D printer and Natural Robotics visit their official website here.

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