UNIZ releases consumer LCD 3D printer that offers industrial capabilities

Published on December 16, 2020 by Carlota V.

Located in San Diego, California, the 3D printing company UNIZ has just launched a Kickstarter for its latest resin 3D printer IBEE. In fact, IBEE is an LCD 3D printer that aims to offer a high-performance, yet affordable 3D printing process for beginners and professionals. Following the month of Kickstarter, UNIZ will launch into production and start shipment of its $450 machine.

Over the years, the manufacturer of affordable resin-based solutions has developed 37 products including 3D printers and certified resins. The company has stated that despite the price difference, some of its printers such as the SLASH PLUS UDP can compete in speed with other resin technologies such as Carbon’s DLS process. In fact, a printing speed of 1,200mm/hour was achieved on its machine based on uni-directional peel (UDP) technology. In 2021, the hope with its latest IBEE machine is to mass manufacture a LCD model that can provide a large print volume, high accuracy, and excellent quality at a fair price for individual consumers.

The IBEE is an LCD 3D printer for consumers | Image via UNIZ

Why IBEE from UNIZ?

Based on photopolymerization, the IBEE model manufactures parts from photosensitive resins that are hardened by the UV light projected through an LCD screen. Therefore, IBEE is a 4th generation LCD-SLA 3D printer that relies on the power of an 8.9” 4K large scale monochrome LCD screen. Its technology provides a maximum XY resolution of 49.8 μm, a build volume of 7.5″ × 4.7″ × 7.9″ (190 x 119 x 200 mm), and can achieve minimum feature sizes of 0.2 mm. Considering the price point, the specifications on this model are very promising. Additionally, the resin vat has been designed to be economical and the price of the films has been reduced, whilst their quality improved. Moreover, users will be able to change the vat film more easily to save time and shipping cost.

The compatible 3D printing software has been developed by UNIZ to be user-friendly yet powerful. Called UNIZ Maker, it is designed to be used by both entry-level users and enthusiasts. It proposes a One-Click Print feature to automatically identify the best orientation to print the model in question, add supports and instruct IBEE to start printing. In terms of resins, the company has formulated zMUD consumer-grade resins that offer a balanced performance, combining rigidity and toughness. They deliver high-precision, a smooth matte finish and an accuracy that matches the IBEE’s performance. Though they were formulated specifically for the IBEE, they are also compatible with UNIZ’s range of printers. They will retail for a price of $15.99/500ml.

Image via UNIZ

The manufacturer takes pride in its technology, which has been developed to generate great prints that remain affordable. UNIZ explains that it developed its 8.9” 4K large scale monochrome LCD screen technology in 2019 for the release of the Slash 2 and Slash 2 Pro, providing more resolution than ever before. Thanks to the monochrome screen, the light diverges at a smaller angle than conventional dot matrix light sources, providing stunning detail.

The manufacturer states that the IBEE is not only suitable for enthusiasts, but also for professionals given the specifications of the printer. You can find more information in the Kickstarter campaign HERE.

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