Ultimaker unveils their new S5 3D printer

Published on May 1, 2018 by Alexandrea P.
Ultimaker S5

Ultimaker, the Dutch manufacturer of desktop 3D printers, has revealed their new machine, the Ultimaker S5. Presented at the Hannover Fair, the S5 includes a larger build volume, a touch screen, resealable windows, a mobile application and the capability of working with more materials. Already available for pre-order, the Ultimaker S5 will be marketed at a price of €6,594.

Ultimaker is one of the leaders in the office 3D printing market, with a range of melting machines recognized for their ease of use and quality. Ultimaker is expanding this range by offering a double extrusion machine with a larger print volume of 330 x 240 x 300 mm (compared to 215 x 150 x 200 mm for the Ultimaker 3). Ultimaker has also revised the automatic compensation of the build plate which will reduce instability during printing.

Ultimaker s5

“The development of the Ultimaker S5, in combination with the new material solutions and the Ultimaker App, sets a new standard for smart and accessible professional 3D printing,” said Jos Burger, CEO of Ultimaker. “Our commitment to building a complete 3D printing solution, from hardware to software and materials, offers our growing professional user base an increasingly integrated, automated and reliable print process with a very high success rate. The time needed to configure this new 3D printer is lower than ever, which allows users to fully focus on the creation of functional prototypes, larger objects and other designs and models that require full geometrical design freedom capabilities. Combined with our continuously updated software and our global sales and service network, we have made local digital manufacturing a reality.”

The S5 3D printer: More design and intuitiveness

The S5 3D printer will be compatible with many plastic filaments, be it more conventional materials like PLA or more technical like polycarbonate. The manufacturer has also taken the opportunity to develop an improved PLA that will be more resistant to shocks and deformation and provide a matte finish. This is a filament that is more suitable for large parts and especially for functional prototypes and tools.

Ultimaker s5

The S5 is also more intuitive than its predecessors and includes, for the first time, a 4.7 inch, full-color touch screen that you use to configure all your print settings. In addition, the S5 has a sensor for end of filament detection and a mobile application that you can use to more effectively track remote print jobs. Ultimaker also claims that all the software, hardware and technical configuration has been completed, thus making it easier to integrate the S5 3D printer into any production environment.

Ultimaker s5

It is also important to note that Ultimaker has been working on the design of their new 3D printer with a closed enclosure equipped with resealable windows, an anodized aluminum tray (that should be available in fall of 2018), all while keeping the compact size of its previous machines. The S5 should be able to integrate into any work environment and meet the needs required within the different industries using 3D printing technologies, be it in the automotive or aeronautics sector.

“Because of the accessibility and reliability of Ultimaker 3D printers, we quickly embedded this technology in our design workflow.” Said Dimitri Rodrigues, a 3D Print Driver at Renault. “The fact that the Ultimaker S5 is even more intuitive and delivers a perfect first layer for every print means we spend hardly any time setting up and checking on the 3D printers. This frees up our team more time to fully focus on the creation of new innovations that help to improve and speed up our engine manufacturing process.”

Find more information on the S5 on Ultimaker’s official website or by watching the video below:

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