#TOP5 videos: 3D printing trends of 2019 and much more!

Published on December 16, 2018 by Michelle J.
3D printing trends of 2019

We found the TOP 5 videos of the week related to 3D printing and collected the additive manufacturing here. You can enjoy even more 3D printing videos on the our youtube channel, as well as share your videos and comment on the article below or on the 3Dnatives’ Facebook or Twitter account. Hope you’ll enjoy and have a great Sunday!

Top 1: 3D printing trends of 2019

The question of: What will be the 3D printing trends of 2019, has probably already been asked by many in the industry. In this video Materialise explains what the upcoming trends of 3D technologies next year will be. Among them, there is a growth in the use of polymers with a sustained research on plastic materials for FDM 3D printing. The company is also convinced that governments will be more and more involved in the sector and will eventually be able to regulate it. Find all the 3D printing trends of 2019 in the video.

Top 2: First 3D printing on British ops

3D technology is know for its rapid production and can accelerate construction stages. In South Sudan, a team of engineers involved in a UN-mandated mission is building a hospital to better treat the war-wounded. While their supply of parts was very limited and slow, they have now turned to a Lulzbot Taz 6 3D printer. This way they can create all kinds of useful parts for building construction. For example, they created some useful components for the piping system. This is not the first time 3D printing have been used to help in a crises and probably won’t be the last.

Top 3: Soft medical implants

3D printing in the medical sector has helped on numerous occasions. Most of the time when the technology has been used for implants, the possibilities have been limited to rigid materials. Such materials also limits how it can be used. However, now ETH spin-off Spectroplast have come up with an alternative. They have somewhat revolutionised additive manufacturing in terms of implants. Now allowing for customised implants made from soft silicone.

Top 4: Ship parts on demand

We covered the RAMLAB 3D printed boat propeller over a year back.The propeller quickly went from being revealed by RAMLAB which was approved only a few months later. In short: thanks to additive manufacturing, the project leaders were able to create a more efficient and lightweight piece while reducing costs. The main question is in relation to the inspection process for creating ship parts on demand through 3D printing. Here the Autodesk software expert tells us about how he and FARO are inspecting these components to ensure their viability.

Top 5: Timelapse on Zortrax

The FDM technology specialist, Zortrax, announced a few months ago the release of its first resin machine; the Inkspire. Based on LCD technology, the new resin 3D printer is stated to be 8 times faster than its competitors. All while offering a high layer resolution. It is an ideal tool for all professionals looking for a high level of detail. As you can see in this quick timelapse produced on the Inkspire.

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