#TOP5 videos: 3D Fashion printing, Cartilage bio-printing and much more!

Published on November 11, 2018 by Michelle J.
3D Fashion printing

We found the TOP 5 videos of the week related to 3D printing and collected the additive manufacturing here. Share your videos and comment on the article below or on the 3Dnatives’ Facebook or Twitter account. Hope you’ll enjoy and have a great Sunday!

Top 1: 3D Fashion printing

Have you seen 3D printing on the catwalks over recent years? 3D Fashion printing have been going strong for a while now and it seems to only keep evolving and bringing new possibilities in design. A big part of the progress is do to Danit Peleg, who is the first designer to have created a fully 3D printed collection from a desktop machine at home. In this video she presents the different pieces created. Her first dress was on display at the opening of the Paralympic Games. Danit’s ambitious goal is for everyone to 3D print their clothes right at home. Check out the beautiful collection and get started on your own 3D fashion printing!

Top 2: Cartilage bio-printing

Not long back we covered iFix and their 3D pen that would treat eye injuries developed by Wollongong University. In the video below we get a chance to meet one of their scientist and get further insight into the work with bio-printing. Gordon Wallace explains his research work on bio-printing. He designed a 3D bio-pen that could extract stem cells and thus form bone cartilage to implement in joints. This is great progress for the medical world taking us a little bit of the way in the right direction!

Top 3: Customised maintenance in the Air Force

The Royal Netherlands Air Force has been using 3D FDM printing for a few years now to manufacture and repair parts for its fighter jets, helicopters and cargo planes. Out of the 7,000 people who work for the Air Force, only about 200 of them actually fly the planes. The rest work to make sure that these flights go smoothly. They use the 3D Ultimaker printers to create some of their very unique parts for their fleet, a faster and cheaper process over traditional manufacturing for the Dutch Air Force.

Top 4: Metamaterials for shoe soles

This videos show how shoe soles behave when mechanical metamaterials  are implemented. As most shoes now a days are mass produced and therefor not bespoke to the individual, they are not uniquely shaped and customised to each person’s feet. In addition, the current manufacturing methods are very polluting and harmful for the environement as well as the products not being very suitable for recycling. The use of mechanical metamaterials could be a solution to solve this problem especially in connection with 3D printing.

Top 5: Zortrax Inkspire

Zortrax recently launched the Inkspire, their first 3D resin printer. The Zortrax Inkspire works in with UV LCD technology which through UV backlighting solidifies photopolymers layer by layer. The 3D printer was designed with a focus on helping professionals in the fields of jewellery or dentistry, who work in fields where small and highly-detailed models are required. Zortrax Inkspire’s precision aims to set a new standard for all resin 3D printers in that department. You can learn more about the Inspire in the video below:

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