Our Top 10 Free Halloween 3D Prints For Your Spooky Celebrations

Published on October 26, 2023 by Michelle J.

A Pumpkin-Shaped Candy Dispenser for Trick-or-Treaters

You all know the famous phrase “trick or treat?” As you know, Halloween and candy go together perfectly. For the occasion, we suggest you make your own pumpkin-shaped 3D candy dispenser. What could be better than having access to pure sweetness without getting up? The process is simple, a switch is placed on the head of the pumpkin. Inside the pumpkin are the candies you put inside. To retrieve one, you just press the switch and you can enjoy your candy. A device is set up to slide the candy out of the pumpkin’s mouth. To learn how to make this pumpkin, watch the video below. Candy Pumpkin by user ByCtrlDesign on cults3D.

Coasters for a Friendly Celebration

For Halloween night you may be thinking of organizing a party at home with friends and family, so we will help you with the decoration with the next of our 3D prints on the list. You can print this coaster or table decor for a spooky dinner. You can also cut out these printed figures or even let your children have free reign to paint them with markers or put them in the window. just a few of the ideas of what you can do with this design after you have printed it in STL format. Enjoy the scariest night of the year!

3D printing Halloween files

Photo credits: 3DBrooklyn on Pinshape

Bulging Eyes for Halloween

The goal of Halloween is to give your give friends and family fun and frights. These bugging eyeballs are a spooky and distinctive option. These eyes are designed to resemble real eyeballs bulging from their sockets, with terrifying details like dilated blood vessels and the option of coloring the pupils red. The designer recommends printing in ABS with 100% filling and points out that although he’s managed to print without supports, these can be useful if you have problems adhering to the building platform. The perfect choice for a memorable Halloween party.

Dracula’s Fangs From the 3D Printer

Halloween is not complete without pumpkins, bats and Dracula. And what would Dracula be without his eerily beautiful fangs? You can easily print these fangs at home, as long as you have a 3D printer. On Thingiverse, a user named CorbeauCat has uploaded a design file for 3D printing, created with Autodesk Meshmixer. It is possible to include holes in the model to attach a string to the 3D-printed fangs to use as a necklace, so the fangs are always handy when trick-or-treating is called for. In addition, a loop with a red bead can also be threaded. The bead then looks like a drop of blood and provides even more creepiness.

I vant to print your teeth! Bleh!

Photo credits: CorbeauCat on thingiverse

3D Printed Brain Hat

It’s alive! This Halloween, embrace your inner Frankenstein (or his monster) with this 3D printed headpiece. This brain-shaped hat model, created by Romroig, is printable without the need for supports and in one single piece. You can adjust the size by printing the first layers for test purposes, but if necessary, full-size printing is also possible. For an even spookier effect, you can lock it in place with the two little clips on either side of the brain. Ready to scare your friends and family this Halloween?

Halloween 3D prints

Photo credits: romroig on Thingiverse

Stylish Yet Scary Coffin Earrings

These 3D printed gothic style earrings are the perfect accessory for all Halloween-enthusiasts and jewelry lovers! The two creepy hanging earrings each have a size of 11.9 x 32.7 x 7 mm after printing. They are the perfect solution for that last quick costume finishing touch and are also very affordable. The file for printing is available for download for 50 cents at cults3d in SLT design format. There is also the option in the print settings for 100% fill, a flat print and a support structure for the ring part.

Photo credits: 3Dinfrance on Cults

Reaching Wall Hands For Some Spooky Halloween 3D Prints

This design comes with four files, each a different size hand. Take your pick from ‘Baby’, ‘Creepy’, ‘Devil’ or ‘Short’, or combine all four for maximum spookiness! These hands can be printed with 0% infill; the hollowness makes them very lightweight and therefore ideal for wall mounting. Each one also features cutouts to attach to a pin. If you want to see proof before you try it for yourself, the webpage features 58 makes and 9 remixes (where a user has modified the original for their own use). 

Halloween 3D prints

Photo Credits: F0R63, scampbell, RenatoT and magiczztab on Thingiverse

Print Your Own Zipper Magnet

Why not decorate your fridge for Halloween? We’ve found this original magnet to stick on any metal surface: it’s a finger sticking out of a zipper, enough to make your guests shudder. Don’t hesitate to put an important note underneath to make sure you don’t forget it! The designer of the 3D file recommends a layer height of 4 mm to ensure that the magnet will fit on its support. He also specifies that it’s best to print the first layers in a different color to achieve a better visual effect. Don’t hesitate to paint it afterward for even more realism!

Photo credits: DEEPFRI3D on Thingiverse

A 3D Printed Ghost Bat

Want to make your house more scary for Halloween? Surprise everyone this year by adding a ghost bat to your Halloween decorations. This bat is just scary enough and also beautiful enough to look like it’s not 3D printed! Thanks to the rings along the spine and wings, you can hang it wherever you want. All you need is a nail and some fishing line to let it float in the air. If you hang it by the window, the effect from the outside will be worthy of a haunted house! To print it, you’ll need an FDM 3D printer and white PLA filament. All the printing specs and the 3D model made by designer yeg3d, including vampire and nighttime versions, are available for free on Thingiverse HERE.

Halloween 3D prints

Photo credit: yeg3d on Thingiverse

Spooky Halloween Lantern

Looking for the perfect piece to spookify your house this Halloween? This lantern on Pinshape from designer Moment 3D has you covered! The design features separate STL files for each facet of the lantern, including the walls, base and top, but also the creative shilloutetets of corn fields, spider webs, and dark forests that give the jack-o-lantern scarecrow in the middle a much more meaningful presence. The pieces are designed to be assembled without the need for any glue, while the pumpkin man centerpiece is designed to be replaced with any custom design the maker has in mind. With the help of some final post-processing coloring and an LED light for the ‘candle’, this fun little project is sure to be a Halloween treat!

Halloween 3D prints

Photo credits: Moment 3D on Pinshape

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