Top 5 Videos: Workspace Preparation for Resin 3D Printing

Published on April 21, 2024 by Isaac B.

Welcome to our compilation of this week’s most compelling 3D printing highlights. We kick off this week’s edition with our very own video, providing safety and preparation tips for resin 3D printing. Next, TechTalkCentral discusses how food production is evolving with advanced technology, highlighting 3D printing’s impact on food consumption. Moving forward, Fazee explores the resilience of 3D printed parts within RC cars, testing their durability and efficiency at high speeds and long jumps. Next up, COBOD answers the question, “Can 3D printed structures comply with fire safety standards?” Wrapping up, Elon Musk talks space travel and Mars colonization, revealing plans to 3D print and launch 300 Starships to make these goals possible. Let’s get started!

Top 1: Preparing for Resin 3D Printing

First up, we present our very own video, providing essential safety tips and workspace preparation for resin 3D printing. Host Elliot stresses the need for personal protection, ventilation, and workspace separation to minimize exposure to resin and its fumes. Containment measures like using disposable mats and proper cleanup procedures are highlighted, along with the importance of responsible disposal of used resin. If you’re seeking to 3D print with resin, check out this video!

Top 2: How Technology Is Impacting How We Eat

Next up, TechTalkCentral explores the intersection of technology and food, highlighting three key themes: smart agriculture, food tech innovations, and the digital dining experience. From drones and AI in farming to lab-grown and 3D printed meat, this video provides crucial insights into technology’s impact on reshaping how we grow, produce, and consume food.

Top 3: Are 3D Printed Parts Suitable for RC Cars?

In this video by Fazee, the host explores the durability of 3D printed parts for RC cars, focusing on reinforcement parts for a Super Baja R 2 model. Testing these printed parts under rigorous driving conditions, including high-speed runs and off-road terrain, the host reveals their effectiveness in reducing body flex and improving overall performance. While the 3D printed parts perform well under normal driving conditions, the video acknowledges their limitations in extreme situations, suggesting caution when using them for high-impact activities like jumping ramps.

Top 4: Can 3D Printed Structures Comply With Critical Fire Safety Standards?

Next, COBOD explores if 3D printed structures comply with critical fire safety standards. By presenting a montage of clips proving the fire-resistant capabilities of 3D printed structures, COBOD answers with a very obvious ‘yes.’ Through its description, the video goes on to highlight the traditionally conservative nature of the construction industry and the challenges new technologies like 3D printing face in meeting regulatory requirements. Despite the absence of comprehensive regulatory frameworks tailored to 3D printing, companies increasingly demonstrate that 3D printed structures can meet fire safety standards.

Top 5: Elon Musk’s 3D Printed Starships

Wrapping up, Elon Musk discusses SpaceX’s plans to build 300 Starships per year, focusing on the role of 3D printing in achieving this goal. Aiming to achieve frequent Earth-to-Mars travel, Musk stresses the importance of these Starships in building quick Mars colonies. Additionally, he delves into the physics and logistics involved in Starship operations, highlighting his goals to conduct dozens to hundreds of launches per day.

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