TOP 5 videos of the week: Football, dresses and more!

Published on August 13, 2017 by Alexandrea P.

A new selection of the best 3D printing videos of the week, just for you! Find our TOP 5 videos of the week below and tell us what your favorite video is in a comment or on our Facebook and Twitter page. Don’t hesitate to share your favorite videos of the week with us or your favorites from our list with your friends!

TOP 1- 3D Printing After the Hype

If you missed our TOP 10 TedxTalks on 3D printing, be sure to check it out! For this video, you will get the opportunity to listen to Johannes Gartner who is conducting research on additive manufacturing and other disruptive technologies. In this video, he will discuss the hype in 3D printing today and which ones will affect the different industries.

TOP 2- Women’s Euro Football

Love football? We do! We especially love to support our teams when they play! To help do this, a project in the Netherlands created customized, 3D printed table football tables for a giveaway for the Dutch public. In this video, you’ll get to see the table and help feel the excitement for Woman’s Euro Football!

TOP 3- D2K Insight

This 3D printer is an ongoing Kickstarter campaign that has the goal of providing a 3D printer at an affordable price. Surpassing their original goal of $220,000 by close to $200,000 more, this is definitely a 3D printer you’ll want to check out if you’re looking for your next 3D printer project to back!

TOP 4- 3D printed Textiles

3D printing fashion is really becoming a hot topic in the industry, with Danit Peleg already making a stake in it. Now, there is a new designer on the prowl who has the hopes of making 3D printing a more permanent fixture in the fashion world with a flexible, 3D printed dress made out of TPU. Check it out below!

TOP 5- LIX Pen

The LIX Pen is here to help you create your designs like never before. Using a system that quickly heats than cools, you are able to bring create your designs more seemingly than ever before. Check it out for yourself in the video below!

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