TOP 5 videos of the week: Levi’s, robots and more!

Published on August 6, 2017 by Alexandrea P.

A new selection of the best 3D printing videos of the week, just for you! Find our TOP 5 videos of the week below and tell us what your favorite video is in a comment or on our Facebook and Twitter page. Don’t hesitate to share your favorite videos of the week with us or your favorites from our list with your friends!

TOP 1- Levi’s Jean jacket of the future

Levi’s is best known for their jeans and other garments, building up a reputation for themselves that is known as both classic yet refined. As a company that is always looking towards the future, they are now experimenting to find a way to incorporate 3D printing into their products!

TOP 2- 3D printing and wind turbines

Wind turbines are a sustainable way to create clean energy for people around the world. As a large and difficult equipment to move, researchers are looking for a new way to build the turbines on site using 3D printing. To learn more about this interesting project, check out the video below!

TOP 3- Danit Peleg’s 3D printed fashion

If you haven’t checked out our article on Danit Peleg, you definitely should! If a video is more your style, then stay put. Below, you will get to learn a little about Dani Peleg and her passion for 3D printed fashion as she has launched a new 3D printed fashion line titled “The Birth of Venus”, which even allows you to purchase one of her 3D printed jackets!

TOP 4- Kuka Robots and Ai Build

Ai Build is a technology company that is based in London who is looking to develop a large scale 3D printing program in order to build large structures quickly. This company is ready to revolutionize the 3D printing world through these robots and in this video, they show some amazing things that you won’t want to miss!

TOP 5- Catena Steel Necklace

3D printing is a useful technology who is able to spread itself across many industries, including the jewelry industry. In this video, you will get to see the creation of the Catena Steel Necklace and the process used to create it. It’s an interesting video for those who enjoy learning more about the use of 3D technologies or who just enjoy watching how things are made!

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