Top 5 Videos of the week: Rick & Morty, 3D printed walls & more!

Published on October 15, 2017 by Jamie D.
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This week’s Top 5 videos of the week are an interesting one. Some very innovative companies have created videos articulating how their new printers, processes, or structures will revolutionise industries. In addition, these companies pledge to use these to do good for society, as you’ll see in the videos below. We’ve also included some great fan-made builds too, to get your creative ideas flowing!

1 – 3D printing wall structures

This video is a great example of how 3D printing can be used to improve lives all around. Firstly, these walls can be produced inexpensively, and can support a weight of over 10,000lbs as demonstrated in the video. Secondly, as these walls are cheap to make, for every wall produced and sold, a wall will be produced to help stranded refugees improve their standard of living.

2 – HP Jet Fusion creating dolls

HP have been making a lot of noise in the 3D printing world recently. This video released this week shows HP allowing a well-known doll-making company to make its production line more efficient, through its Jet Fusion 3D printing. If this technology is fast enough disrupt the production of dolls, it may not be long before it disrupts many other industries too.

3 – 3D printed Rick Sanchez

Rick and Morty is a fantastic TV show, and as a result has a huge fanbase. Youtuber RCLifeOn has taken this a step further by 3D printing and painting a 40cm tall Rick Sanchez with a Creality CR-10 Print. This demonstrates 3D printing’s ability to aid fans to create models of their favourite shows and games.

4 – 3D printing in Tanzania from recycled materials

Using recycled and salvaged materials from items such as old computers, 3D printers have been built in Tanzania. This is great as these printers are helping educate in schools, create things in the manufacturing sectors, and much more.

5 – the Peel 3D scanner

This scanner has to be one of, if not the fastest scanners. In this video, the Peel 3D is shown to scan items such as racing seats, statues, and more. The Peel 3D does this extremely quickly, enabling 3D models to be made without the usual time constraints. This is a step towards a more efficient 3D scanning and printing process.

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