Top 5 Videos: The Smart Cabinet from BCN3D

Published on May 23, 2021 by Madeleine P.
BCN3D Smart Cabinet

This week, discover BCN3D’s solution for storing your 3D printing materials. The Smart Cabinet allows, according to BCN3D, users to store their filaments in optimal conditions. Next, we go to the Netherlands, in Rotterdam, where the organizers of the Eurovision contest have 3D printed the trophy for the winner of the contest. Finally, Ultimaker presents its latest filament, Ultimaker PETG! Apparently, it was designed so users could avoid problems like warping during the printing process. Have a great Sunday and happy watching!

TOP 1 : The Smart Cabinet from BCN3D

With the Smart Cabinet, BCN3D offers its customers a storage space for their filaments. According to the manufacturer, this new solution allows users to maintain the materials in optimal conditions, by controlling, for example ,the humidity of the filaments in order to increase the performance during printing processes. Finally, according to BCN3D, the Smart Cabinet is easily movable but still large enough to hold up to 10 small spools of filament:

TOP 2: Eurovision’s 3D printed trophy

For the 2021 edition of Eurovision, which will take place in the Netherlands (in Rotterdam to be precise!) the organizers have decided to 3D print the trophy out of from recycled PET, using the CFAM printer, place outside one of the main locations. During the printing process, the printer continuously adds a fiber (in this case, glass) to the printing material, resulting in a final piece that is strong and sturdy, and therefore more durable. The PET used to make the trophy was made from waste found in the sea, a way for Eurovision to promote a more circular economy:

Top 3: Building a 3D printed guitar

If you’re thinking about building your own guitar, you now have a way to do it. With 3D printing! In this video, you can see which individual components are needed for the finished musical instrument and how they are post-processed so that the guitar also sounds acoustically perfect. In addition, a covering for a speaker is produced using 3D printing so that everything is visually coherent in the end. Finally, you can see for yourself in the video what challenges have to be overcome when integrating the electronics into the device.

TOP 4 : Ultimaker’s newest filament

Recently, the Dutch manufacturer unveiled its new 3D printing material, Ultimaker PETG filament. Designed to avoid common problems during the printing process, such as warping or threading, Ultimaker PETG filament is, like PLA, easy to print. The manufacturer says that thanks to its balance of hardness and stiffness, chemical resistance, and temperature and wear resistance, this new filament is suitable for many industrial environments:

TOP 5 : The future of 3D printing

Since its appearance in 1986, 3D printing has gradually become more democratic. Previously, the technology was mainly used to make tooling parts for factories and other assembly lines. But today, additive manufacturing can be found in many sectors. Whether it’s in construction, medicine or food, the technology has become a must for a wide range of fields. And in the future, there is a good chance that additive manufacturing will affect more and more sectors:

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