Top 5 Videos: A TedX Talk on the Potential of 3D Printing in Construction

Published on May 27, 2023 by Avery S.

It is once again Sunday, which means it is time for the week’s top 5 3D printing videos! This week’s content features another edition of the Talk3D series with Ramon Pastor, a Tedx discussion on the opportunity of additive manufacturing in the future of construction, a look behind the scenes at Massivit’s headquarters and an exploration in how 3D printing is shaping the environment for the better! Check out the videos below to learn about the newest and most relevant information of the week in the world of 3D printing. Happy Sunday, and as always, hope you enjoy!

Top 1: TEDx: Future of Construction is Here: The Power of 3D Printing

This TEDx talk explores the transformative potential of 3D printing in addressing the limitations of traditional construction methods. He highlights the drawbacks of conventional approaches, such as their slow, labor-intensive, wasteful, and expensive nature. In contrast, showcased is how 3D printing offers a more affordable, sustainable, and customizable alternative for construction. The TEDx talk provides an overview of 3D printing in construction, highlighting its advantages and showcasing examples of completed homes. Watch his inspiring talk below to learn more about the potential of 3D printing in revolutionizing the construction sector.

Top 2: Taking a Behind the Scenes Look at Massivit’s Headquarters

The 3Dnatives’ team went to Tel Aviv, Israel to visit the headquarters of Massivit, as well as their R&D and Integration hall. There, we were welcomed behind the scenes by Erez Zimerman, the CEO, who gave us an overview of the main milestones achieved by the manufacturer. Additionally, with Avi Cohen, VP Global Sales & Marketing, we went in-depth on the two Massivit technologies, GDP, or Gel Dispensing Printing, and the new one launched in 2022, CIM, Cast In Motion.

Top 3: A Talk With the President of IAM3DHUB

In our exclusive Talk3D interview, we spoke with Ramón Pastor, President of IAM3DHUB and General Manager of Metal 3D Printing at HP. Gain insights into the hub’s operations, its significant role in the additive manufacturing (AM) market, and more. Don’t miss this engaging conversation with Ramon Pastor – watch the interview below!


Top 4: A Closer Look at How 3D Printing Is Helping the Environment

Discover how 3D printing revolutionizes environmental conservation. Watch the video to see how it reduces waste, lowers emissions, and promotes sustainable living. From recycling plastic to creating biodegradable products, witness innovative examples of 3D printing in action. Explore eco-friendly fashion, sustainable homes, and more. Watch the video below to witness this exciting journey towards a greener future.

Top 4: “Massive” Additive Manufacturing With Titomic

In the following video, Titomic Limited, a company specializing in metal fabrication using high-pressure cold spray technology, introduces its TKF 1000. The system has a 1 cubic meter build plate and offers an extremely fast build rate that can produce large, high performance parts in minutes or hours.

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*Cover photo credits: TEDx

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