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Published on September 29, 2019 by Carlota V.
genesis eco screen

This week we found the top 5 videos about 3D printing and the way additive manufacturing is shaping our society. The technology has infiltrated many sectors, from medical to automotive! Check out our selection of the week to keep up with the innovations! This week we touch on … and much more! If you enjoy these, you can view even more 3D printing videos on our Youtube channel. Hope you’ll enjoy and have a great Sunday!

Top 1: Adopting 3D printing to reduce costs & lead times

Nieka Systems works with clients in the mining and cement production industries to prepare equipment. The company uses Inconel crucible clips for production purposes that it has to outsource. Finally, Nieka Systems decided to turn to metal 3D printing to reduce costs and lead times. They explain that their lead time has been reduced from four weeks to four days thanks to additive manufacturing, and in particular the Metal X from Markforged. On top of this, the team has been able to implement design changes and improve the quality of their 3D printed Inconel 625 crucible clips, which can withstand rapid and repeated temperature cycles. Find out how Nieka Systems made the switch to 3D printing and implemented the solution in their business below!

Top 2: The Genesis Eco Screen

We told you a few weeks ago about the BANYAN Eco Wall, a fully 3D printed irrigated green wall, featuring an embedded drainage system, which also showcased bionic design. This was a project initiated by NOWLAB using BigRep’s large-format 3D printers. As of today, GENESIS Eco Screen is the new product from NOWLAB – it is a fully 3D printed urban biodiversity habitat, measuring  an impressive 4 by 4 meters. Check it out below!

Top 3: How is 3D printing changing local lives?

In the medical sector, additive manufacturing is greatly beneficial because it allows patients to receive personalised care. In the following video, you will meet Frank Keel, who suffered from severe back pain for years, which led him to undergo spinal fusion surgery. However the surgery did not relieve his pain completely. Finally, with the help of 3D Systems, one of the leading providers of 3D printing services, Frank Keel was able to receive a personalised back brace after a 3D scan of his body. The back brace was custom-made for him and finally relieved his pain.

Top 4: Nova electric car integrates 3D printed parts

In the following video you will see the entire 3D printing workflow behind the creation of a car part, from design to the production process and post-processing steps. The Nova car is an electric car developed by Revolve NTU that recently competed in the Red Bull Ring in Austria, arriving second at the competition. For the automotive sector, additive manufacturing can create high-precision parts that are durable and lighter than conventionally manufactured parts. Find out more below!

Top 5: Juice bar turns orange peels into cups

This is the project imagined by the architect Carlo Ratti who developed a rather special juice bar, this one allows for orange peels to be transformed into 3D printed cups. Called Feel the Peel, the machine aims to promote a circular economy in our daily lives, adding value to our most basic food waste. An experimental juice bar was set up to test the 3.10-metre high device, enabling many visitors to enjoy an orange juice squeezed into a small bio-plastic 3D printed glass printed. Find out more below!


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