Top 5 Videos: NASA’s Use of 3D Printing in Space Exploration

Published on February 25, 2024 by Isaac B.

Welcome to our compilation of this week’s top 3D printing videos. We kick off this week’s edition with our very own video, highlighting the role of additive manufacturing within space exploration, explained by Paul Gradl, Principal Engineer at NASA. Next, through an overview of current projects advancing artificial intelligence, the Nanotriz Innovation Academy showcases the potential of AI in shaping the future of aviation. Next up, the founders of Blueprint Surf, Mike Ballin and Luke Diehl, discuss 3D printed surfboards, and cover everything from the materials and printers used to the board’s advantages. After, Mark Batina of Precise Business Solutions explains why 3D printing is considered to be one of the most transformational technologies in the manufacturing industry. And finally, we conclude our Top 5 with a video by Polykit, showing the assembly and testing of a fully 3D printed microphone. Join us on this illuminating journey as we uncover the latest developments in 3D printing this week across these diverse industries!

Top 1: NASA’s Use of 3D Printing in Space Exploration

Since the late 1990s, NASA has been at the forefront of integrating 3D printing technologies across numerous aerospace applications. In our very own video, we present a recent interview with Paul Gradl, Principal Engineer at NASA, who sheds light on the many advantages of additive manufacturing, emphasizing its pivotal role in advancing rocket component development and facilitating space exploration. Notably, NASA envisions leveraging this innovative production method to spearhead missions to the moon and beyond, with ambitions reaching as far as Martian exploration.

Top 2: AI’s Impact on Next-Generation Aircraft Design

Next up, we present a video by the Nanotriz Innovation Academy, which delves into the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in shaping the future of aviation. The exploration begins with an overview of advancements driven by AI, focusing on materials and additive manufacturing techniques that are revolutionizing aircraft design. From aerodynamic innovations to greener propulsion systems, the video highlights the multifaceted approach towards enhancing efficiency and sustainability in air travel through AI.

Top 3: Blueprint Surf Founders Discuss the Evolution of 3D Printing in Surfing

In this video by AndrewWorkshop, the founders of Blueprint Surf, Mike Ballin and Luke Diehl, discuss their journey into the world of 3D printed surfboards. The conversation dives into various aspects of 3D printing surfboards, from material choices to performance evaluations. Ballin and Diehl provide insights into their experimentation with different filaments, including PLA and PETG, highlighting the challenges and advantages of each material. Lastly, the founders paints a vivid picture of the exciting intersection between 3D printing technology and the sport of surfing, raising the question: Are 3D printed surfboards the future?

Top 4: Revolutionizing Manufacturing and the Impact of 3D Printing

Fourth in line, Mark Batina, Managing Director of Precise Business Solutions, sheds light on why 3D printing is considered one of the most transformational technologies in the manufacturing industry. Batina highlights how 3D printing enables rapid execution of manufacturing processes, significantly reducing the time required for design, engineering, and production. Unlike traditional methods that often involve lengthy preparation and setup times for mass production runs, Batina explains how additive manufacturing allows for the production of customized lots with incredible speed and efficiency, without the need for additional equipment purchases.

Top 5: Creating a Dynamic Microphone With 3D Printing

We wrap up our Top 5 list with a video from Polykit, where we are provided with a detailed view of an assembly of a 3D printed microphone. Delving into the world of DIY audio technology, the video showcases the host’s endeavor to create a dynamic microphone using 3D printed, minimal parts alongside filament. After construction and testing, the results are surprising, as the microphone exhibits redeemable sound quality (with room for improvement).

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