Top 5 Videos: India’s First 3D Printed Bridge

Published on May 26, 2024 by Isaac B.

Welcome to our compilation of this week’s most compelling 3D printing highlights. This week’s edition begins with an exciting showcase from IIT Hyderabad, unveiling India’s first 3D printed bridge. Next up, AI Waves Channel provides an in-depth look at how artificial intelligence and 3D printing are transforming furniture design and manufacturing. Moving forward, we follow 3DJake as he constructs a powerful, 3D printed bow and arrow. Next, AM Central Techtube provides a virtual tour of the Advanced Manufacturing Center Fabrication and Prototyping Laboratory, highlighting its cutting-edge 3D printing technology. And lastly, Mythbusters host Adam Savage teams up with Bill Doran to assemble a functional 3D printed padlock while explaining their latest venture, Gizmo Thrill, which offers a range of 3D printable models for enthusiasts. Let’s get started!

Top 1: India’s First 3D Printed Bridge

First up, IIT Hyderabad showcases India’s first 3D-printed bridge at the IIT Hyderabad campus. The bridge demonstrates the “material follows force” principle, allowing efficient material usage by depositing more material in highly stressed areas and less in lower-stress areas. The final design, spanning 7.5 meters and printed in two halves, was created in collaboration with Simply Forge Creations Limited, a startup specializing in robotic arm-based 3D printing. This project is expected to serve as a prototype for 3D printing technology in rapidly deployable structures and transportation infrastructure in India.

Top 2: AI and 3D Printing in Interior Design & Home Décor

In this video by the AI Waves Channel, we’re provided with an exploration of how artificial intelligence and 3D printing transform furniture design and manufacturing. The video highlights the benefits of 3D printed furniture, including personalized designs tailored to individual styles and spaces, as well as eco-friendly production methods. Real-world examples, such as OpenAI’s customizable pieces and Forust’s furniture made from recycled wood waste, demonstrate the innovative applications of AI in this field and highlight its powerful potential when coupled with AM technology.

Top 3: Crafting a 3D Printed Bow

Third-in-line, we dive into the realm of DIY archery with a video by 3DJake showcasing his 3D printed bow and detailing its build process. Beginning with PETG, Jake experiments with different filament types, including PCTG and carbon fiber variants, to enhance strength and performance. Through in-depth testing using an old luggage scale, he evaluates each iteration’s durability, encountering challenges such as breakages at critical points like the riser. However, the result is a surprisingly durable and powerful bow.

Top 4: AMCen Fabrication and Prototyping Laboratory Virtual Tour

AM Central Techtube provides a virtual tour of the Advanced Manufacturing Center Fabrication and Prototyping Laboratory, highlighting its cutting-edge 3D printing technology. Viewers can explore different workshops featuring advanced 3D printers and scanners that can print with a diverse array of materials, such as various ceramics, polymers, metals, and even food.

Top 5: 3D Printing a Durable Padlock

Wrapping up, Adam Savage and Bill Doran assemble a working 3D-printed padlock while discussing their venture, Gizmo Thrill focused on providing 3D printable models. They highlight the importance of creating designs that are easy to print and assemble, minimizing the need for post-processing work. As they assemble the padlock, they discuss design choices, including reducing friction and ensuring proper alignment of components.

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*Cover Photo Credits: IIT Hyderabad

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