Top 5 Videos: A New Food 3D Printer

Published on June 19, 2022 by Clemens M.

Another Sunday means another Top 5 list of videos straight from the world of 3D printing! This week, we present you with a brand new food 3D printer called Patiss3, which was developed by the French start-up La Pâtisserie Numérique. 3Dnatives then takes you to Bilbao where the ADDIT3D event took place! We took the opportunity to meet HP and discover the challenges of additive manufacturing in terms of sustainability. After that, find out about the debates surrounding the 3D printing of firearms. To conclude this week’s list of top 5 videos, we show you a cool video of an artist who 3D prints sculptures of famous fantasy characters! In any case, we wish you all a very good Sunday!

Top 1: A 3D Printer For Cookies

The French start-up La Pâtisserie Numérique aims to help chefs integrate technology into their daily work. After developing a slicer for 3D printing food, La Pâtisserie Numérique now unveils the Patiss3 3D printer. Specially designed for the efficient production of cookie dough, this solution allows printing any kind of shape with any kind of dough. Whether for sweet or salty recipes, the device offers several possibilities.

Top 2: HP at The ADDIT3D Event

From June 13 to 17, the ADDIT3D event was held in Bilbao, Spain. At the event, 3Dnatives took the opportunity to meet famous printer manufacturer HP. Miquel Olivé, sales manager for the Iberian region, revealed the importance of sustainability in the additive manufacturing sector and what advances in materials and future plans the company has. And to provide more details about the different applications of the American manufacturer, the professional showed us some 3D printed parts.

Top 3: 3D Printed Weapons at The Center of The Debate

We told you about it last week, Europol is concerned about the growing number of 3D printed weapons. In recent months,  many 3D-printed weapons have been secured by the authorities in Europe and the United States. Sky News has made a news report about this subject. Many amateurs share models of weapons to be 3D printed on social networks and on 3D file platforms. If not stopped, there are real risks in the use of weapons designed with the help of additive manufacturing.

Top 4: Collins Aerospace’s New Additive Manufacturing Center

Collins Aerospace has announced opening a new additive manufacturing center and expanded its maintenance and repair facilities at its Monroe, North Carolina campus. In order to do so, the company has invested over $45 million! Currently, Collins Aerospace’s new additive manufacturing center includes two 3D printers and is expected to add more in the future. The company hopes to equip the next generations of aircraft!

Top 5: Art and 3D Printing

Meet Raf Grassetti, an artist who specializes in 3D printing sculptures. While being an art director for some of the biggest video game franchises, such as God of War, Grassetti is also passionate about 3D printing. Using the CAD software Zbrush, the American artist creates sculptures of the most popular characters from comic books, video games, and movies.

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