Top 5 Videos: Eating 3D Printed Food Tailored For Dysphagia Patients

Published on March 24, 2024 by Isaac B.

Welcome to our compilation of this week’s most compelling 3D printing videos. We kick off this week’s edition with a taste test and exploration of 3D printed food, tailored for those suffering from dysphagia. Next, we’re given an in-depth look at the collaboration between SCANLAB and Autodesk Fusion. Moving forward, Chris Holman of the Michigan Business Beat series interviews Tom Kelly, President and CEO of Automation Alley. We’re then presented with a video by the NanoTriz Innovation Academy, exploring stem cell therapy and 3D printing’s role  in organ transplantation and stem cell research. And finally, we conclude this week’s top 5 with a close look at a 3D printed air cannon, using compressed air to fire high-explosive rounds. Let’s get started!

Top 1: Trying 3D Printed Food Tailored For Dysphagia Patients

First up, the team at Create Digital tries 3D printed food tailored to individuals with swallowing difficulties, aiming to enhance their dining experience. The process involves loading pureed food into a canister, ensuring it meets texture standards before selecting easy-to-swallow shapes for printing. Although the team acknowledges the need for further improvement, they noted smooth texture and enhanced flavor, likening the experience to something from the future, reminiscent of Star Trek! The video concludes by emphasizing the potential for 3D printing technology to aid those with dysphagia and other eating disorders.

Top 2: SCANLAB and Autodesk Fusion Partnership

Our next video highlights the collaboration between SCANLAB and Autodesk Fusion, emphasizing the integration of SCANLAB’s SCANmotionControl SDK with Autodesk Fusion software. Through this partnership, users can gain access to advanced technologies such as CAD-driven toolpathing, precise timing predictions, enhanced hatching strategies, real-time synchronization of lasers, and more. The video also discusses the benefits of the partnership, such as improving laser beam programming, creating end-to-end product solutions, and advancing research in 3D printing.

Top 3: Interview With Automation Alley’s Tom Kelly

Third in line, Chris Holman interviews Tom Kelly, President and CEO of Automation Alley, about their Integr8 series focusing on Industry 4.0 challenges in the latest episode of Michigan Business Beat. They delve into the recently released playbook on additive manufacturing, exploring its potential and the challenges companies face in integrating it into their processes. They also highlight the importance of starting small and offer insights into Automation Alley’s Project DIAMOnD program, which supports manufacturers in venturing into additive manufacturing.

Top 4: Stem Cell Therapy And 3D Printing

In this video by the NanoTriz Innovation Academy, we’re given an in-depth look at stem cell therapy’s revolutionary potential in medicine, showcasing its applications in organ and tissue repair, disease treatment, and regenerative medicine. Through an overview of the historical discovery of stem cells in the mid-20th century to cutting-edge technologies like CRISPR-Cas9 and 3D bioprinting, the video highlights the ethical, legal, and social dimensions of stem cell research. Additionally, we’re provided with important insights into bioprinting and its implications for organ transplantation, as it could eliminate long waiting lists and the risk of rejection since the organs are created from the patient’s own cells.

Top 5: Launching High Explosive Rounds With a 3D Printed Air Cannon

Wrapping up, Ordnance Lab showcases the construction and demonstration of an air cannon designed to launch 3D printed high explosive rounds. Using compressed air as a propellant, the hosts engage in target practice, experiencing both successes and setbacks as they attempt to refine their accuracy and reduce cycle time. The video then concludes with a discussion of regulatory considerations.

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